Teacher Introduction Letter to Students

Nowadays, it is not considered unusual for a teacher to self-introduce herself to a new class that she will be teaching. A letter of this sort can be written in two situations – either the teacher has been assigned a new class in the same school, or she is new to the school altogether. In… Read More »

Going Out of Business Letter to Vendors

An organization that is going out of business faces a lot of problems. Apart from the apparent loss of business, company owners face informing clients, vendors and suppliers that they will no longer be doing any business with them. It can become quite an issue trying to contact everyone and explaining why a company is… Read More »

Going Out of Business Letter to Employees

Employees are probably the first people who are affected in the event of a business closure. They are the ones who will lose their jobs and of course, their means of earning. A company boss / employer faces quite a problem (not to forget the guilt) of letting people go who have families that depend… Read More »

Going Out of Business Letter to Creditors

One of the legal requirements of closing down a business is informing all the people with whom you have any business links, of your decision to close down the company. This includes clients, employees, vendors, suppliers and of course, creditors. Any organization that you owe money to, including banks or even vendors with whom you… Read More »

Sample Business Closure Letter to Clients

Closing down a business is almost as difficult as starting one. Apart from the obvious distress of your company closing down, there are so many logistics that you need to manage that it often becomes quite a nerve-wracking activity to do. Once you have decided that staying afloat is no longer an option, it is… Read More »

Sample Letter to Boss for Vacation

Most organizations will get you to fill out a form if you want to apply for a leave to go on a family vacation. Some might get you to fill out a form and ask for an application letter along with it. And some might want just the application. In the latter two cases, it… Read More »

Welcome Letter to New Boss Joining

Would you believe that your new boss may be as jittery on his first day as you will be on yours? How would you like to be welcomed on your first day at work? A short letter, with a lot of niceties, sitting on your desk would make your first day very special! Why not… Read More »

Termination Letter for Dishonesty

Dishonesty is something that is never tolerated at the workplace. If an employer discovers that an employee has been dishonest about something, especially if it involves money, the end is usually a termination. A letter of termination is written based on what the company policy dictates and the offending employee is asked to leave immediately.… Read More »

Apology Letter to Auditor

Writing an apology letter is nothing to be ashamed of – in fact, an apology letter can make things easier for you in the event of you having made a mistake that may have terrible repercussions. This is especially useful in work environments where a small mistake can mean the end of the world! An… Read More »

Parents’ Consent for Student Permit Sample

When do you need your parents’ consent to obtain a driver’s license? When you are not yet of age to drive a vehicle, but are old enough to handle one! Depending on what the circumstances are, you may be asked to bring in your parents’ consent before the authorities give you a permit. If you… Read More »

Property Damage Incident Report Sample

There is no actual format that you can follow when writing a property damage incident report. Every organization has its own format which can be tweaked to meet the requirements, according to the incident. Most reports of this sort are form-based – an authorized personnel needs to fill out a form, the information from which… Read More »

Letter of Intent for Leasing a Property

When you intend to lease a property, it is a best best practice to write a letter of intent, outlining the initial terms of the lease. A letter of intent is usually written by the landlord after an initial mutual agreement is made between a potential tenant and a landlord. The purpose of writing a… Read More »