Sample Happy New Year Email to Employees

There is no better time to reach out to your employees than the New Year. Everyone is in a festive mood, there is a general air of contentment and adding to this happiness may mean the world to an employee.

The quickest (and easiest) way of bonding with your employees is by sending them a Happy New Year Email. You can wish them the best for the coming year and provide them with any information that you may otherwise need to issue a memo for. This may include days off, New Year bonus or even an outline of next year’s work plan.

New Year emails are usually part casual and part formal depending on who is writing it. If you are a company’s CEO, you might want to maintain a distance while still adding a personal touch when writing an email of this sort. Here is an example that you can follow:

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Sample Happy New Year Email to Employees


Subject: New Year Greetings

Dear Staff Members:

I send my heartiest wishes for the New Year to all the members of Ranstad Technologies. Hoping a happy, prosperous and joyous year for you and your loved ones!

As the New Year dawns upon us, I would like to congratulate all of you for the outstanding work each one of you have contributed towards the success of Ranstad Technologies. The company has come a long way since its inception in 2001 – it is all due to the hard work of its employees. As a thank you gesture, I am announcing a 25% bonus on the gross salary for each employee which you will receive along with your salary of December 2014. This is my way of appreciating your work and hoping that you will strive to achieve similar goals in the future as well.

When you all return from the break in 2015, I have a project waiting for you all. Yes, we have gotten the grant for Yale Seminary Project and we will initiate work on it during the second week of January next year! As you all know, this project holds great importance for the company and I would like you all to do some brainstorming before you report to work on January 8, 2015. I am positive that feedback from all of you will be valuable to how we can kick-start this project.

The New Year brings many promises of success and growth and I would like all of you to be part of both. I look forward to seeing you all after the holidays!



Catherine Jones
CEO, ABC Company
54 New Street
Austin, TX 32100
Tel: (666) 666-6666

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