Introduction Letter to Potential Clients Sample

By | December 29, 2016

Do you have any idea how agonizing it is to watch a batch of incoming emails on outlook? 45 minutes and still loading! So, instead of staring at that, or musing whether there’s intelligent life in other cubicles, I prefer perusing this pile of good old fashioned letters on my desk. Doesn’t it feel cathartic? Isn’t it comforting, sliding a letter opener, ripping open the envelope, tracing crisp Times New Roman words on finely-textured paper? The ceremony and elegance of it all!

Do you want your letter to become a needle, in a haystack of cookie-cutter intro letters? Make them care! Don’t just tell them who you are, tell them who you are! Why do you do what you do? In essence, the ‘why’ is what makes your letter meaningful, memorable. I know, after a while these routine B2B letters become a chore. Make it your favorite activity, by writing about your work as the thing you love, your reason for existing!

Next, explain how your business model works for them; and what outcomes to expect. It’s too early in the courting game, so go easy on the pushy, salesy messages, and keep it subtle, or you’ll look needy. Sound enthusiastic, while balancing that thin line between fireworks and… a fire!


Introduction Letter to Potential Clients Sample


Rob S. Martins
Marketing Manager
The Handymen
258 South Ave
(000) 580-9073

December 29, 2016

Mr. Max Taylor
Max Interiors
4811 Rivendell Drive
Akron, OH 44305


Dear Mr. Taylor:

It was a great pleasure meeting with you at the DIY Home & Garden Show in Cleveland last November. I recall you were researching potential Building Restoration/Remodeling Contractors. What do you look for in a home improvement crew?

We are The Handymen – as the name suggests – a team of handymen, only we aren’t just a bunch of handymen, we are experienced, qualified and trained building restoration professionals with 30 years of experience under our tool belts, 100’s of happy clients, and we do all types of remodeling in record time. Here’s the link to our website for more information: www…

Our services cover the entire spectrum of your home or office restoration and remodeling needs, from inspection, to feasibility, to finished interiors and exteriors.

How does it work? The process is simple, it begins with a free consultation, then we give you our free estimate. And if it suits your requirements, we put it on paper and give you a complete timeline of your restoration or remodeling project. We also hold a weekend class for DIYers who like to DIY. The class includes a free consultation for our participants’ personal projects.

I would love to know more about your remodeling/restoration requirements. How can we assist you with your current projects? Feel free to call me for your free consultation, at your earliest convenience. My number is: at (000) 580-9073.

I will also contact you to follow up, a week from now. We look forward to working with you.




Rob S. Martins
Marketing Manager