Self Introduction Letter as a New Colleague (Sample)

One of the most harrowing times on our first day at work is getting to know our colleagues. Employees who have already been working in a certain place are also sometimes quite weary of new people and all this ends up in becoming a strangely uncomfortable situation for everyone.

But it does not have to be this way; if you are worried about being in an odd situation on your first day at work, do something about it! Write a letter to your new colleagues and introduce yourself. A self introduction letter will break the ice between you and your new colleagues and will also put their minds at rest about the kind of person you are – since you have initiated contact, it will be obvious to them that you are a friendly individual and want to develop and maintain a smooth relationship with them.

The following self introduction letter will give you some ideas. Have a look!

Self Introduction Letter as a New Colleague Sample

September 27, 2015


Dear Colleagues:

I would like to introduce myself as your new colleague in the trading department of Collin Firth International. I have been hired as an Account Assistant and will be working alongside all of you for the length of my contract at the very least.

Before I joined Collin Firth International, I was working in a similar role at Harvest Topworth, an experience that has prepared me to excel in the accounts arena. I had been busily involved in handling clients’ accounts by providing them with pertinent trading information. Now I look forward to being a credit to the company and my colleagues too.

Mr. Joshua Cox (HR Manager) was all praises for the people working in the trading department and I see now that he was very apt. Although it is only my first day here, I see a lot of professionalism during work hours. I am also aware of the way all of you are friendly with each other and this has a created a great impression of professional etiquette and personal interaction on me. I anticipate working with all of you efficiently, learning from your experiences and contributing to the company’s success.

My extension is 2854 if anyone wants to reach me. I am looking forward to the welcome party that is being held for all new employees at office on Friday and meeting all of you personally.

Thank you.


Sincere regards,

Kristen Bell

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