Class Christmas Party Letter to Parents

By | December 3, 2014

Many schools end an academic year by celebrating with a Christmas party. Since schools usually close down some time before December 25, Christmas parties are usually held in the week before or sometimes even two weeks earlier.

Class Christmas parties are more popular in classes with young students – preschoolers or junior school students – but many high school teachers also arrange class parties. Invitation letters from school administration (sometimes teachers) are written specifically to inform parents about class party arrangements; in small schools, each class may have a different time and date on which a Christmas class party may be arranged to keep the flow of parents coming in controlled. Bigger schools may send out party invitations for all classes on the same day.

Regardless of who is writing the invitation letter, the content of a class Christmas party needs to be relevant to the event and concise. Christmas party letters have dates, times and any special instructions in them that a school might want parents and students to follow. Here is a sample letter that you might be interested in before you begin to write your own.

Class Christmas Party Letter to Parents

December 3, 2014


Dear Parents:

Last week, we sent a letter to you regarding an upcoming Christmas party for our 3rd Grade students. The party will be held on the last day of school which is December 22, 2014, at 10 AM in the classroom. Our students have gone to great lengths to decorate the classroom – each child has pooled in her or his own idea for the decorations – with handmade crafts.

Each student has been asked to bring in a food item to share with friends on this day. This year, we would like to instill the spirit of Christmas into our students by ensuring that they understand the essence of this very special day. To do this, we have come up with an idea – we will be filling out a huge Santa’s bag with little toys and each student has been asked to bring in three small items. Filling Santa’s bag will be a fun filled activity especially since they will be learning charity and the spirit of giving.

Regular school timings will be observed on the day of the class Christmas party. You are required to pick up your child’s assessment sheets before school lets out on this day so we would appreciate it if you would come in half an hour earlier at home time.

St. Paul’s High School’s administration would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a splendid New Year.


Sincere regards,


Farah Fawcett
Class Teacher, Grade – 8
St. Paul’s High School
32 West Ave. San Diego, CA 54111
(000) 999-3433
Farah @ email .com