Data Entry Clerk Cover Letter Sample

By | December 25, 2014

A cover letter for data entry clerk resume is supposed to compliment a resume and not repeat it. Candidates often wonder what this means. Actually there is a very thin line between complimenting your resume and repeating it since in order to compliment it you must pick information from it.

Data Entry Clerk cover letter writing is an art. If you are taking information from your resume, for example, an achievement or a skill to showcase in your cover letter, make sure you portray it in relation to the vacancy you are applying for. For instance, after stating you are detail oriented, explain how it will be a plus for the hiring company. Mention an achievement and then specifically declare that you are determined to produce similar or even better results for the hiring firm in future as well.


Data Entry Clerk Cover Letter Sample


Aiden Marcus

340 Ruby Ave • Miami, FL 89003 • (008) 444-5555 • aiden @ email . com

December 25, 2014

Mr. Kevin Ross
HR Manager
781 Wesley Ave
Miami, FL 89003


Dear Mr. Ross:

Data entry is my expertise. Whether challenged to retrieve data files, remove data duplication errors or troubleshoot high volume databases, I have consistently delivered required results and catered for the data management and integration needs of my employers.

The value I bring to THE MILLNNIUM GROUP in the capacity of an experience data entry clerk can be summarized as follows:

● 10 key and alpha entry proficient with typing speed of 7000 key strokes per hour, approximately 55 WPM.

● Experienced in image based data input and requisition from various complex coded or non coded data sources.

● Special talent for conducting basic statistical data analysis and categorizing data on basis of same.

● Demonstrated success in reviewing , coding and processing data entry applications using electronic data entry software.

● Adherent to all data integrity and confidentially practices.

Being a detail oriented individual committed to accurate data entry, I have always exceeded the expectations of my employers. I strongly believe that 4+ years of experience in managing data entry and customer support for a busy website and the qualifications enlisted above render me a fore runner for your advertised data entry clerk position.

I look forward to an opportunity to speak with you in person in order to establish my candidacy further. I will follow up on y application next Friday. In case you need to speak earlier, feel free to call me at (008) 444-5555 or email me at aiden @ email . com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Aiden Marcus

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