Notice of Claim Letter to Insurance Company

By | October 25, 2014

Once an injury or loss has occurred, it is important to notify the insurance company covering the incident.

A letter outlining details of the incident and the intensity of physical and mental injuries incurred will need to be sent to the insurance company in question to initiate the payment process.


The policyholder or a representative may write claim letters. If the policyholder is not well enough to write one (following the injury), a pre-designated representative may present the case.

An individual’s lawyer can also perform this task.

The content of a claim letter needs to follow standard protocols; the letter needs to be addressed to the adjuster, provide information on the policyholder, policy number, and detail the incident that occurred.

An individual’s insurance policy might cover only certain aspects of loss so you will need to be informed of what they are liable for.


You cannot ask them for coverage that was not part of the original insurance contract, so studying the insurance papers before you begin is a good idea.

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Below is an example of a claim letter sent to a client’s insurance company by a representative:


Notice of Claim Letter to Insurance Company


June 8, 2019

Mr. Larry Ben
Claims Adjuster
Jackson Health and Life Insurance
553 Warwick Road
Princeton Junction, NJ 89110

Subject: Claim Notice of Policy # JHLI 82037-45

Dear Mr. Ben:

This letter is concerning Ms. Jillian Fernandez, who holds policy number JHLI 82037-45 with Jackson Health and Life Insurance. Ms. Fernandez is a victim of a car accident which occurred on June 2 at Yardville Hamilton Square at 18.00 hour. She fractured one of her ankles due to the crash.

As Ms. Fernandez’s legal representative, I have been asked to handle all legal matters on her behalf since she is physically unable to control them herself at this point. Ms. Fernandez’s policy is updated, and all premiums have been paid off. This claim notice relates to the coverage that her policy provides her for ‘injury or loss’ as indicated in your policy notebook (page 8, line 22).

Copies of Ms. Fernandez’s medical bills for the three weeks that she spent at Yale Medical Facility are enclosed with this letter. It will provide you with all the details that you will need to process payment for this claim. Also attached is a letter from her surgeon who has charted out the need for her to be fitted with a prosthetic foot if she wants to continue working at her present position at Jackson Fields Inc. Denial of this service will lead to her being unable to work and subsequent loss of income.

Please indicate your interest in the resolution of this matter and provide details of perusal so that we can take this further. Since time is of an extreme essence, I would appreciate a response from you within ten days of receipt of this letter.


Sincere regards,


Dan Brown
Legal Advisor
Dan and Dan Associates
758 Deerfield Road
Princeton Jackson, NJ 55998
Tel: (111) 111-1111