Leave Application Sample for Office

By | December 26, 2014

Once you have decided on the dates that you want to take off from work, you need to write a leave application letter. Leave applications can be written for many reasons including sickness and travel or even for a casual reason like wanting to unwind.

A leave application needs to detail your reason for wanting to take time off and the amount of time that you would like to take off. There are certain rules to applying for leave – you need to inform your boss well in advance so that he can make arrangements for someone else to take over your work and you must be truthful in your reason for wanting a leave.

Most companies have their own leave application formats and you simply need to fill out forms when applying for leave. However, if the company that you are working for does not have a preset format for leave application, you will need to write one yourself. Leave applications are usually addressed to supervisors who have the deciding power of granting or rejecting leaves. You should be clear and concise when writing a leave application – your purpose is to ask for time off so there is really no need to mince your words.

You can use the leave application sample below to write your own. Take a look!

Leave Application Sample for Office

December 26, 2014

Mr. William Stamos
Project Director
Venture Express
8 Kings Way
Sacramento, CA 90123


Dear Mr. Stamos:

I would like to apply for a one week leave from January 10, 2015 to January 17, 2015 (both days inclusive) so that I can travel to Kansas to attend my sister’s graduation ceremony. I have been in touch with Mr. Gary Neil in the human resources department and he has assured me that I am eligible for my annual leave at the beginning of January next year.

The beginning of each year is a slow time for Venture Express as you know, so there will not be a lot of work that I will be missing. Nonetheless, I will hand over my clients to Ms. Jenna Wilson so that they can be catered to during the time I am on leave. I will be available on my cell phone and email if there are any issues that require immediate attention.

As far as the Taser Project is concerned, I have developed an initial proposal for it and emailed it to you so that you can review it while I am on leave. Since nothing else requires immediate attention from my end, I anticipate that this leave will be granted soon.

Thank you very much.



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Harry Styles
Project Assistant, Emp#: 9875
Venture Express
(999) 000-0000