Up for Award Nomination Letter Sample

By | November 2, 2016

In a position to provide a nomination to a deserving person in your organization? Well, then you should keep reading. When you are in a situation where your nomination counts immensely, it is best to do your homework first. How will you nominate a person? What will you write? Is there a form to fill out? Do you need proof to back your claims that the person deserves an award?

Answer all these questions and you will have no difficulty in writing a nomination letter. A nomination letter is usually written to the head of an evaluation committee, or to the entire committee as a whole. The purpose of writing such a letter is to let the committee know why you feel a certain person deserves a title or an award. If possible, back it up by solid proof of why you believe that your recommended person is the best.

Nomination letters have no set pattern that they need to be written on. Neither is there any standard word count that you need to follow. If the essence of the subject is maintained within a nomination letter, it is good to go. For first time award nomination letter writers, here is a sample that you can look through for reference:

Up for Award Nomination Letter Sample

November 2, 2016

Ms. Anderson Garcia
Evaluation Committee Head
Green Peace
252 E 66th Avenue
Cleveland, OH 45020


Dear Ms. Garcia:

With great pleasure, I nominate Ms. Ileana Cruise for consideration of the Green Award, in recognition of her tireless and outstanding contribution to multiple environmental causes in the State of Ohio. After much consideration and evaluation of all current contenders for this award, I have come to the conclusion that no one is more deserving than Ms. Cruise is, owing to her relentless efforts, the outcome of which is obvious in all recent Green Peace reports.

If you look at the enclosed statistics, you will see a staggering increase in awareness regarding environmental issues, and ways of countering the effects that the deteriorating environment is having on children and adults alike. This change / increase is primarily due to the 4 projects that Ms. Cruise was heading – Green Life, Panda Painting, Dust to Dust and Peel the Grime. She has not only led these projects to fruition within provided timelines but has been a constant source of information and support after the completion of each of them.

I strongly urge the committee to look into Ms. Cruise’s contributions to the society as a whole, and her tireless efforts for awareness in environmental issues.



James Potter
Green Peace Regional
46 Oak Street
Cleveland, OH 27633
Tel: (111) 111-1111