NOC Format for Property Transfer

By | May 5, 2015

A no objection certificate may be needed in the most sensitive of situations. This may include death of a parent or sibling, for whom you are one of the legal heirs. There are several different types of NOCs that you can write in a situation such as this, including one in which you give up rights to a property.

In such a case, you need to prepare a no objection certificate that clearly and articulately outlines the decision that you have taken. If you want, you can provide a reason for giving up rights to a property – remember that an NOC such as this is considered as a legal document and will prove to be instrumental during the property transfer procedure, so you have to make it sound professional.

While you may be provided with an NOC format from your lawyer, writing one of your own is not illegal. In fact, when you write your own, you have much more space to work on and play with words. If possible, write your NOC in a bullet form so that the content is easily understandable. Since you will have at least a couple of points to write, the bullet form makes much more sense than writing it in prose.

Here is an NOC format for property transfer purposes that might interest you.

NOC Format for Property Transfer

May 5, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

I, Mark Duke s/o Duke Rich (deceased), presently residing at 489 Main Street, West Hartford, CT declare as under:

• The Mr. Duke Rich, the deceased, was owner of 77 Oak Street, West Hartford, CT
• That Mr. Duke Rich passed away on April 2, 2015
• That I am one of the legal heirs of the said deceased
• I do not intent to make any claim on the aforementioned property. I agree to renounce all rights to the said property, including any that may accrue to me in future
• I have no objection to the aforementioned property being transferred to my sister Ms. Trisha Duke

Please consider this document as a formal NOC (no objection certificate) of my intent to forego my right as a legal heir to the deceased. This document may be used as a basis for assisting in the property transfer of the aforementioned property.

This document is being executed to be submitted to the concerned property transfer authorities. I hereby state that all information provided herein is true to the best of my knowledge.


Mark Duke