Sample Letter of Intent to Purchase House

By | October 27, 2014

If you intend to purchase a house, it is better to put it in a letter so that the seller can hold it for you.

While technically not legal documents, letters of intent serve to halt a seller from selling the property you want to someone else.


Imagine making the rounds and finding the perfect house something that you have been looking for all your life!

If you find yourself in such a situation, it is a good idea to write a letter of intent to purchase the house and sent it immediately before it slips through your fingers.

A letter of intent to purchase a house may also be written to buy some time, especially if a situation such as ‘cash lock’ has transpired.

You can send a letter of intent which will develop the seller’s interest because he will believe in your genuine interest and will hold the property for you by giving you time to arrange the funds.


There is no ‘correct’ template that you can use to write a letter of intent to purchase a house.

You should keep it formal but refrain from using flowery or intense legal language.

You want the seller to be attracted to your offer, not put off by it.

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Here is how you can write a letter of this type.


Sample Letter of Intent to Purchase House


June 8, 2019

Mrs. Nancy Lockwood
637 Pike Street
Alexandria, VA 01928


Dear Mrs. Lockw:d:.

This is concerning 88 Pine Street, Alexandria, VA, which is a 2-story house registered under your name. I was passing through Pine Street and stopped to examine your home after seeing the ‘For Sale’ sign in front of it.

The gatekeeper informed me that I could have a look at the house, and I liked what I saw. This is precisely the type of home I was looking for, and I believe that it will be within my financial range as well. I moved to Alexandria three years ago and had been living on the rented property ever since.

I intend to settle here once I get married in June next year and can only do so if I find what my fiance and I have been saving up for our entire professional lives. My fiance will be back from a business tour in a week, and I would like to show him the house too even though I am confident that he will like it as much as I do.

Please consider this as a letter of intent to purchase the said property. I would like to set up a meeting so that we can discuss the price and handing over details as soon as my fiance returns. I would appreciate it if you would call me at (666) 666-6666 at your earliest convenience so we can set up a date to meet in person.

Thank you for your time.


SIncere regards,

Dalia Hopkins
11 West Ave
Alexandria, VA 58415
(666) 666-6666
dalia @ email . com