Resignation Letter Due to Death of Family Member

By | December 28, 2016

It does not matter what circumstances prevail – if you have to leave your job, you need to provide a written notice of your intent to leave the company. This is not only a courtesy – it also helps to mobilize your leaving documents and dues. If you up and leave without notice and then demand that your dues are paid, you will probably not get them!

A resignation letter can be written by using a personal tone as well as a professional one. It is really up to you what you want to say and how you want to say it. Just a decade ago, resignation letters were written in a professional tone only, with little or no personal feelings included. Now, resignation letters that have a personal touch are actually appreciated because they denote honesty.

Employers / supervisors like to know what factored in making an employee leave, so if the fault is at the company’s end, they can do something to make sure that more employees do not leave for the same reason. The resignation letter also becomes the starting point of creating an exit interview questionnaire which is another reason for it to be considered important.

A resignation letter sample is provided here for you to look at:


Resignation Letter Due to Death of Family Member


Sarah Jackson
Project Officer
Crouton Publics
(000) 877-2141
s.jackson @ email . com

December 28, 2016

Mr. George Kingsley
Project Manager
Crouton Publics
332 Green Avenue
Biloxi, MS 11825


Dear Mr. Kingsley:

I would like to inform you of my decision to resign from my position as a Project Officer at Crouton Publics. Please be informed that January 10, 2017 will be my last working day, as per 2 weeks’ notice policy of my employment contract.

As you are aware, my father passed away last week – his demise was unexpected as he was a healthy individual with no major medical problems. Since he was solely looking after my mother who is suffering from advanced dementia, there is no one to look after her now that he has gone. Being the only sibling who lives in the same city as she does, I have no choice but to provide her with round the clock care. Under these circumstances, it will be impossible for me to do justice to a job that is as demanding as the one that I am entrusted with.

For the next 14 days, I have hired a professional caretaker for my mother. but I will have to take over soon as it will be impossible to pay the exorbitant salary that professional caretakers ask for, for too long. I would appreciate it if you would expedite my leaving documents and dues by the time my notice period ends.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you provided to me at Crouton Publics. I hope to rejoin once my personal problems are somewhat in order.



Sarah Jackson