Resignation Letter Due to Unsatisfactory Work Circumstances

By | March 12, 2017

“What should I do?”you ask yourself, as you contemplate your unsatisfactory work circumstances.

Maybe the work you are doing now is not what you had signed up for in the first place, and maybe it no longer serves your growth and self-realization purposed, perhaps it is time to evolve and move onto a newer challenge.

You might not feel the need to give a reason in your resignation letter. However, if you speak up, it might change the work circumstances for others, and that is worth the pain, time and effort to write this letter. Without badmouthing the company, you can bring to their attention your achievements for the business, and the difficulties you had faced, using a positive tone for both that is neither boasting nor lamenting.

Here is a sample:


Sample Resignation Letter Due to Unsatisfactory Work Circumstances


Walter McTavish
Client Services Manager
ABC Company

June 20, 2018

Bryan Thomas
ABC Company
58 Peter Ave
San Diego, CA 95210


Dear Mr. Thomas:

It is with great regret that I tender my resignation from my position as Client Services Manager (acting) for ABC Company, with immediate effect, due to unsatisfactory work circumstances.

I want you to know that I love working for ABC Company; the people are great, and the environment is congenial and professional. I just do not see myself in the same position 5 years from now, which would be the case had I stayed. Therefore, I do not foresee much in the way of professional growth or career advancement for me here.

Ever since the previous Client Services Manager had left the company 3 years ago, I have been entrusted with his work, but with neither the title, the salary increment nor the perks that come with it, not that I am interested in titles, but because the work that was demanded of me required spending a considerable time socializing with the clients, and I was unable to keep up the lifestyle expected of the position. I was also denied a company car, which too, is a requirement of the job. Under of all of these circumstances, I can no longer outdo myself, and this has been demotivating and disruptive for not just myself, but also for my colleagues, who were mostly confused and hesitant about working under me.

After a formal request to HR, asking them to look into the matter and do what is fair, was ignored, this leaves me with no choice but to resign my post.

I would appreciate an experience letter be issued at your earliest convenience. I can be reached at (000) 555-0123. Thank you, it was nice knowing you all.



Walter McTavish