Thanksgiving Letter to Family

By | November 17, 2016

Spending the holiday season away from your family is no fun. Thanksgiving is one such time when the warmth of family is much missed by people who do not live in the same city or country with their family. Since there isn’t much that you can do about physical proximity, it is time to get into the festivities in some other manner.

Good traditional letters are a great way of communicating to your family that you miss them and would give an arm and a leg to be with them! Reminiscing about old times can be great subject matter for your letter. You can also provide details of what you would be doing this Thanksgiving Day, being far away from your family. Also, you can focus on the nostalgia that you feel thinking about how Thanksgiving Day used to be when you were a child and spent all your holidays with the family!

Thanksgiving is a great time to connect with your family to tell them that you miss and love them. Looking for ways to begin your letter? Here is a sample that you can refer to:


Thanksgiving Letter to Family


November 17, 2016


Dear Family:

One more year has passed and I have been unable to make arrangements to come back home for Thanksgiving. Nonetheless, all of you are in my heart and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I miss you, especially during these times when memories of past holidays keep flooding my mind.

I still remember the last time we were together on Thanksgiving Day – it was in 2010. I can still smell the turkey roast, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy – the kind that I have never tasted anywhere else since. I miss the conversations that we used to have at the dinner table, and the stories we told sitting in front of the fireplace, while roasting marshmallows! What fun times they were!

This year, a friend from work has invited me to spend Thanksgiving Day with her and her family. While I am looking forward to a glimpse of festivity that this day will bring, I cannot help but feel that something is amiss, considering I am so far away from all of you. However, I am grateful to know that all of you are well and will be following tradition to celebrate this very important day.

I look forward to next November, when I can make it back home in time to see the turkey emerging from the oven! Please send me photographs of this year’s feast! And have a wonderful holiday season.



Bridget Holmes