Letter for Non-payment of School Fees (From Parent to School)

By | December 19, 2016

Gone through a tough month? The expenses were too high or you may have suffered a loss in business. This happens in life, unfortunately, more often than it should.

Usually, when there is a situation like this it’s hard to pay your child’s school fees, and some months you may be able to pay it at all. This doesn’t mean you get your child kicked out of school.

All schools have different policies to handle such situations, your best course of action would be to write a letter explaining the situation and when, you will be able to pay the fees again.
Here’s a sample letter to assist you.


Letter for Non-payment of School Fees (From Parent to School)


December 19, 2016

Mr. Bradley Oliver
Sunshine High School
4233 Kyle Street
Grand Island, NE 68801


Dear Mr. Oliver:

This is a difficult letter for me to write, however I must let you know that I won’t be able to pay my son Richard’s (Grade 7) school fees for the next two months.

My company has suffered a crippling loss this quarter, and to make up for the losses and get back into the market I had to use most, if not all, of my financial resources.

I do not want this experience to reflect on Richard’s education. I would appreciate it if you could keep him in school and not treat him differently. I’m in a difficult situation, and I do not want to scar my family with this loss I have incurred. I will pay all the dues in full after these two months. I humbly ask of you to do me this favor, and by doing so save my family from much heartbreak.

As you remember, before last year, I was one of the biggest donators to the school and, I was almost part of the school board. I will, hopefully build my company back to its former glory, and become even more proactive in the matters of this school. You know more than anyone not to doubt my credibility.

If this is not possible, then I would like to know what policies the school has for financial aid as, my Richard, is a straight A+ student who proactively competes in sports, as the captain of the swim team and co-captain of the soccer team. I am sure he’s deserving of any help you can offer.

Thank you.




Bill Wilson
Richard’s Father