Veterans Day Letter to Employees

By | August 26, 2018

Veterans Day is a holiday. That much is something that all of us know since we get a day off. But why this day is considered so important, is not something many people know or appreciate. This day is marked to pay tribute to all the veterans who worked selflessly during wars to ensure peace, and a free country for future generations us!

Many organizations announce Veterans Day as a holiday, but few provide information about why it is a holiday. If you are on this page because you want to write a letter to your employees detailing this days importance, you are on the right one!

When writing a letter of this sort, you have to make sure that you know what it is that you want to communicate. You can do two things. Write a letter to inform employees that they have a day off on Veterans Day, and motivate them to appreciate what our veterans have done for us. If you have a veteran employee, you can thank him or her for his or her services to the company.

Here is what your letter should look like:


Sample Veterans Day Letter to Employees


Dear Employees:

Veterans Day is around the corner, and we all know that it will be a long weekend for all of us. Many of you must have made plans to celebrate this weekend, but let’s not forget the reason we observe this day in the first place. We have 5 veterans working at Costal Services Inc., and technically, it is their day!

Had it not been for the selfless acts of our veterans, we would not have been living in a country that is free and has developed much regarding economic growth. The USA is home to all of us, and we owe it to the wonderful people who have contributed to this in a big way, ensuring that future generations have a safe place to call their home. In honor of our veterans, I announce a party on the Friday preceding Veteran Day, where we will honor the veterans amongst who are no longer with us but have contributed equally. The details of the event will be emailed to every employee soon.

Let’s take this opportunity to thank the wonderful people who are responsible for America’s greatness and vow to contribute to the country’s success in the future.



Harold Olde
Costal Services Inc.
889 Twelfth Road
Medicine Bow, WY 85314