Vacation Request Letter to Employer

Working is important, but then so is taking breaks. Taking a vacation is your right, and when you feel burnt out, it is best to ask your employer to give you time off so that you can take a week or two for yourself. The easiest way of doing this is by writing a letter… Read More »

Proof of Working Letter for Babysitting

A proof of working letter, or an employment verification letter as it is more commonly referred to as is usually required by individuals hoping to apply for a visa or a loan. For a babysitter, proof of working letter must show that the individual is working for a specific employer, for a certain period of… Read More »

Thanksgiving Letter to Teacher from Student

One way for a student to appreciate the Thanksgiving holiday is to write a letter to his or her teacher. If you are a student who would like to write a letter such as this, you just make sure that it sounds great. Addressing the letter to the specific teacher whom you want to wish… Read More »

Thanksgiving Letter to Teacher from Parents

It is always a good idea to write letters to your children’s teachers to greet them on holidays such as Thanksgiving. This way, you can come close to them and show them exactly what they mean to you and the children. Writing a compelling Thanksgiving letter requires one first to know who the teacher is.… Read More »

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

New at handling administrative work? Are you presently looking for an administrative assistant position? Wait. Let us help you in writing a cover letter to apply for the position. Lack of experience is no deterrent to gaining a position as an administrative assistant. In fact, it is your skills that a hiring manager will be… Read More »

Vacate Notice Letter to Tenant due to House Sale

Being a landlord is not easy especially when you have to sell a house that you had initially put up for rent. However, if that is the case, you need to write a letter to the tenant to tell him or her that they have to vacate the property. This might not be too easy.… Read More »

Sample Letter to Tenant about not Reporting Leaks

Being a landlord is not the easiest of things. You may think that all you have to do is let the place out to a tenant, and then receive monthly rent. On the contrary, it is much more than this. Since the place remains yours technically, you have to make sure that the tenant does… Read More »

Child Support Arrears Forgiveness Letter Sample

Child support means a lot to a single parent. But if one parent has not given child support for a long time, the other can forgive him. This can be done through the court. All you have to do is write a letter to the court through which child support payments are processed, telling them… Read More »

Sorry Letter for not Acting Correctly

Workplaces are often volatile, with many people under great work pressure. While appropriate behavior is an absolute must, there are times when one crosses the line. If such a thing has happened to you, you must write an apology letter to your colleague or supervisor, in order to tell them how sorry you are for… Read More »

Apology Letter for not Calling Back

At the workplace, there are certain protocols that you have to follow in order to keep within the groove of things. For instance, if someone has called you and you were not able to talk, it is your responsibility to call back. If you haven’t called back, you must apologize to them. Even if you… Read More »

Apology Letter for not Answering Call

Have you found yourself to be in a situation where you have not answered an important call? Are you afraid that the caller might feel bad? Do not wait for that to happen. In such circumstances, make sure that you reach out to the person and apologize. The best was to apologize for not answering… Read More »