Sample Letter of Apology for Dishonesty

There is no excuse for lying, especially where your work is concerned. However, if an incident such as this does come about, you need to apologize to the person whom you have wronged. And there is no better way to apologize than in writing, as you will get a chance to organize your thoughts, and… Read More »

Sample Labor Day Letter to Employees

Appreciating your employees, especially when a day dedicated to them is around the corner, is important. Labor Day is an event that all working people can appreciate and look forward to. It is a holiday, and many of us look forward to it for the whole year. And if you are an employer, it is… Read More »

Letter of Intent for Home Sale

A letter of intent is an informal agreement that states that two or more people want to enter into a real estate transaction for sale or purchase. In case of a home sale, a letter of intent is a non-binding agreement that is charted out to show the sellers intention to sell his home. Thatis… Read More »

Sample Letter to Vacate Rental House

There can be many reasons for you to want a house that you have rented out to be vacated. Maybe you want it to be left because you want to sell it off, or live in it yourself. Or any other reason. But whatever your reason is, you have to make sure that you send… Read More »

Apology Email for Not Coming to Work

If you have missed work without notice, then you must write a letter or email to your boss to apologize. If you don’t mind some personal advice, please try to notify the office with a brief text, a call even, as soon as the incident occurs, to make sure you cause the least inconvenience as… Read More »

Fire Incident Report Sample

If it’s your first fire incident report, you’ve come to the right place; hopefully, this article will help you write it. But first of all, thank you for your service! You put your life on the line every day walking through smoke and fire and collapsing structures, your words could be the only voice of… Read More »

Sample Email for Sending Minutes of Meeting

Email is the standard means of communication in an office environment. Sending out an email to communicate official plans or just to send documents back and forth, is the norm nowadays. One of such document that does the rounds through emails is minutes of a meeting. After a meeting has concluded, the person who has… Read More »

Divorce Settlement Agreement Sample

A divorce can be a hard time on either of the parties involved; it affects their children, and to no small extent, affects each party’s family and environment. It is in these times where both parties need to forget their personal differences, and draft the terms and conditions of their divorce agreement with the utmost… Read More »

Child Visitation Request Letter Sample

After a family is split up in a divorce, they either have joint custody or end up where there is one custodial parent, and the other one has visitation rights. Sometimes, you want to take your child out on holiday or for lunch at a beautiful place, but your next scheduled visit is too far… Read More »

Apology Letter to Boss for Not Following the Rules

Rules are there to protect us. They keep us from harm and ensure that we accomplish the best of ourselves. But still, rules are sometimes broken, whether by mistake or on purpose; though breaking them is always a mistake in itself. It is alright, to err is human. Mistakes happen everywhere, but it is essential… Read More »

Bad News Memo to Employees

Good-news memos or memos addressed to an audience interested in our ideas are relatively easy to write. Such memos can be written deductively in an impartially straightforward method. However, memos that convey bad news need to be written carefully, inductively, and with a positive tone. But bear in mind that being inductive is not synonymous… Read More »

Car Loan Recommendation Letter Sample

Cars are everywhere! Whether you want a Maserati or a more economical Ford Fiesta, you might consider a loan, even if takes 144 months to pay back. I would back you on the Maserati though; I’d go for it myself, just because I can, back with the right recommendations that is. Along with your pay… Read More »