Child Support Reduction Letter Sample

By | February 19, 2017

When someone is ordered by the court to pay child support, then it’s possible to have that amount reduced under the right circumstances, such as a reduction in pay or the loss of a job. Of course, you’ll have to check the rules of your state, as every state has a different policy for these situations.

You can expect to pay a fee, and attach some legal documents to your application, so that it may even be considered. Some courts are more lenient than others. However, that doesn’t mean that a stern judge may not consider an application if it is valid. If you do this patiently, and with the appropriate amount of research, you may not have to endure the assistance of a legal advisor and you’ll keep your pockets safe. If you do want the assistance of a lawyer, however, this exercise will prove helpful as have him go over your application.

Don’t try to sound like a lawyer, and just try to be concise and accurate. Attach some proof of previously paid child support, to prove you take this seriously, and see if you can add more proof of why you need it reduced, like letters from your employer or bank statements. Here’s a sample:


Child Support Reduction Letter Sample


Joseph Gardner
85 Brown Ave, Apt 34
Timbuctoo, WA 74454
(000) 547-9656
joseph.gardner @ email . com

February 19, 2017

Judge Edwin Davidson
Clinton Family Court
Faraway Road
Timbuctoo, WA 34567


Your Honor:

With all due respect and deference, I am writing this application to appeal to you to review my current financial situation, and deem a reduction in my child support payments. I have attached my most recently paid child support bill. To be able to pay that, I had to take a loan from a good friend. I do not know how long I can keep doing that.

It is a fact that when the amount of monthly payment was decided, it was based on my income of the past two years before the divorce. Upon review of this information, you will find that for those two years I was employed in my ex-wife’s father’s firm, and after the divorce my father-in-law had fired me. I am attaching the termination letter I was given the very day of the divorce. In the wake of a painful divorce and a rude awakening and the realization I was no longer employed, I was unable to find a firm that was prepared to pay enough so that I could pay what I used to pay in child support. I am enclosing my current salary slip as well, which proves that even if I live frugally, it will still be impossible to pay such a large amount.

I plead to you to revise the amount I must pay according to my current salary and assets, as I no longer possess the ones I used to. I will be eternally grateful if you can find it appropriate to do so.



Joseph Gardner