Nanny Cover Letter Sample

By | December 22, 2014

Almost all employers specifically demand a cover letter for a nanny position.

Though writing an impressive cover letter can be a difficult task, cover letter in itself is a golden opportunity to introduce your candidacy and present yourself in a favorable light before the prospective employer. Therefore, use this opportunity wisely.

Below are three tips in this regard:

1. Address the employer’s specified job requirements

Matching your competencies and qualifications to the requirements of the prospective employer is the main thing you need to do in order to make your cover letter effective.

2. Market your candidacy

Once you have proven yourself to be a perfect candidate, write what makes you better than others by showcasing your unique skills.

3. Show enthusiasm

Your letter must communicate how interested and serious you are regarding the care of children. Show what you know about the prospective employer and why you want to join their team.

Refer to the example below to get a better idea.

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Nanny Cover Letter Sample

Berta Kingston
450 Windy Meadows, Atlanta, GA 78229
(005) 444-5841
berta @ email . com

January 11, 2020

Mr. Frank Richardson
HR Manager
The Nanny League
341 Unicorn Lane
Atlanta, GA 78229

Dear Mr. Richardson:

Would a person with four years of experience in child care, safety, and emotional nurturing interest you?

What if that person could couple her experience with the ability to build effective relationships with families?

If this describes the Nanny you want to represent your agency to your clients, please give me your valued consideration.

Below is a quick snapshot of my qualifications:

– Special talent for designing and implementing age-specific developmental activities for children.
– Proficient in maintaining a safe and intellectually stimulating environment for the children.
– Competent at performing a wide range of housekeeping tasks, including meal preparation, laundry, and grocery shopping.
– CPR certified and full command over first aid provision.
– Demonstrated skills in storytelling and role-playing.

Throughout my jobs in childcare and housekeeping capacities, I was successful in taking care of children of all ages, assisting them in homework, tutoring them in Spanish/English, and accompanying them on social visits. My clients have always commended my services, and I am confident you will find my expertise in children’s management more than satisfactory.

I would appreciate an opportunity to see you in person to demonstrate my relevant competencies further. Please call me now at (005) 444-6666 to schedule an interview and to clarify any queries regarding my background and qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to talking with you soon.


Berta Kingston

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