Sample Letter of Authorization to Sell Property

For property owners who possess property in places where they do not physically reside, it is often quite difficult to be physically present to handle any transactions. Many people either authorize a friend or a relative and in some cases, their property agent to handle any selling or buying tasks. However, one cannot just tell someone to go and perform selling and buying on their behalf. There are certain rules that govern the selling and buying of property which include appropriate documentation.

Letters of authorization are the easiest and most efficient way of authorizing someone to work on your behalf. These letters are legally accepted and serve as a great tool to get your property work done even if you cannot be physically present for a deal. Most authorization letters have expiry dates; however many people choose to leave them open-ended and they can be used until the owners say otherwise. Stumped as to what a letter of authorization looks like? Have a look at the following sample letter of authorization to sell property to take some ideas on how to write your own.


Sample Letter of Authorization to Sell Property


February 20, 2014


Subject: Authorization to Sell Property

This is with reference to my property addressed 144 Heavens Park, Cleveland, TN which I am in the process of putting on the market for sale. I am presently residing in London which is why I am unable to handle the transaction details myself. Taking into consideration the distance and both my personal and professional commitments, I am authorizing my cousin Frank Herbert as my legal representative. As of this 29th day of February, 2014, Mr. Herbert is authorized to sell the above-mentioned property on my behalf.

In the event that a prospective buyer comes to an agreement with Mr. Herbert on terms which are acceptable to me as the owner, a fee amount of 3% of the decided sale amount will be given to Mr. Herbert for his services. In addition to this, any or all acts performed by Mr. Herbert on my behalf will have the same effect as my own. Moreover, all authorization including signing of documents and payment handling will be done at the sole discretion of Mr. Herbert.

This authorization will be deemed valid until a new one is issued or further notice from me.

Jerry Smith
(Owner of 144 Heavens Park
Cleveland, TN 99022)

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