Sample Power of Attorney Letter to Sell Property

By | March 11, 2017

Sometimes, you can’t be there in person when you need to sell your property; maybe you’re in another country, or unable to do the work required. In that case, you can give your power of attorney to someone you trust to be there on your behalf.

Be sure to read your state law, to see if you are required to have the letter registered or not before you begin. After you have done that, quickly go over all the things you want your attorney to be able to do, and what they can’t do.

You have to be very clear on this, to make sure that the attorney may not abuse power of attorney, and so that anyone who reads it has no ambiguity. Unless there is a specific authority you must address this to, you may write, “to whom it may concern.”

Writing a power of attorney letter may be daunting, as you do not wish to make a legal mistake.

Therefore, if you have any doubts, have your lawyer look at it for you, or find a consulting service that charges reasonably. Here is how to do this:


Sample Power of Attorney Letter to Sell Property


June 20, 2018


To Whom It May Concern

Let it be known to all present and all who read this that I, (your name), in conscious mind have named, (attorney name), as my trusted attorney to act in my name and have access to the rights and be bound by the duties herein this letter. This power of attorney is in regards to the selling of the property, (property address).

The following list contains the powers of the attorney granted by this letter, and it is a conclusive list:

The attorney may sell, alter, modify or change the property to his liking, however, not do anything that may lower the price of the property.

The attorney may take the assistance of any third-party service to assist anywhere in the process of selling the property.

The attorney must inform me of anything related to selling the property on my demand and cannot withhold information from me.

The attorney may have open houses or other promotional proceedings if necessary.

The attorney may not reside in the property or use it for personal use.

The attorney must inform me after every financial exchange or transaction to do with my property.

This letter is in power from the moment it is signed to the moment the property has been sold or before I cancel it in writing.


Signature of Principal/Grantor: _________________________

Signature of Attorney: _____________________________

Signature of witness: _____________________________