Courtesy Visit Letter Sample

By | August 6, 2016

A courtesy visit letter may be written in several circumstances. You may want to ask for a time and date to meet the person so that you can congratulate him on an accomplishment. Or it can be written to a client to give him or her a reminder of an outstanding payment, such as taxes – and tell him that you will be coming to see him soon. Either way, a courtesy visit letter is well, a letter toned politely. Since the purpose of one is to reach out to the person in a positive manner, it is important to be polite in how you word your sentences.

In many instances, a courtesy visit letter is written to provide an outline for the person (by the person who is writing the letter) whom one wants to meet. The agenda is hinted and a time and venue is asked for to coordinate a meeting. This allows the writer to gauge if the other person is inclined to meet him or her and if the meeting has good chances of being fruitful. A courtesy visit letter may be written after an initial contact has been established. In most cases, anyway. In a political arena, a courtesy visit letter may be written from one politician to another even if initial contact has not been made. In such a case, the courtesy visit letter will be considered the initial contact.

While there are many types of courtesy visit letters out there, depending on specific situations, let us look at a basic example here:


Courtesy Visit Letter Sample


Paul Wakefield
Green Peace – USA
5 Orangewood Avenue
Dallas, TX 16827
Tel: (222) 222 – 2222

August 5, 2016

Mr. Steve Thompson
Project Director
230 Arapaho Road
Dallas, TX 75214


Dear Mr. Thompson:

Congratulations on bagging the most prestigious of awards – the Environment Keeper – from the World Environmental Agency. If anyone was well-deserving this award, it was definitely you who led the LEAD USA environmental project for so well over the last 10 years.

As the director of Green Peace in USA, I would like to request a meeting with you so that I may express my best wishes to you in person. During the time I visit you, I would also like to discuss some policy issues that Green Peace International is facing, as I believe that your input will be valuable. I take great pride in both our companies contributing so much to the environment on a global level and would like to create a liaison, and take it further than is possible for only one organization to go, with limited resources.

At your convenience, please let me know of your availability so that we can schedule a date and time to briefly meet with each other.



Paul Wakefield