Letter Informing Customers of an Employee’s Resignation

By | December 26, 2016

When someone from the company resigns, the transition process is neither complete nor meaningful without immediately informing your clients via formal letter. How to break the news? How will they take it? What information needs to be communicated? These are some of the questions that could be on your mind, which I hope this article would answer for you, along with a sample letter to help you write your own.

Avoid using words such as ‘trust,’ ‘believe,’ don’t worry,’ and anything that would freak out a client, especially if it hasn’t been so easy getting their account. The harder your company had to work in the early phases to secure that account, the higher the stakes for either of your companies.

You may or may not give the reason for your employee resigning, depending on your company policy and that employee’s contract. However, it’s important to share details of how the transition will be executed, and enough information about your employee’s successor to put your clients’ minds at ease.


Sample Letter Informing Customers of an Employee’s Resignation


Francis Hayes
Manager Client Services
Close Circuits
3616 Hidden Valley Road,
Harrisburg, PA 17101
(000) 547-9585

April 15, 2016

Mr. Thomas Rogers
Chief Design Engineer
Smart Robotics, Inc,
1451 Quilly Lane,
Columbus, OH 43215


Dear Thomas:

First of all, let me congratulate you on winning the Hello World Awards’ Best Robotics Company of 2016 Award! It’s great to see all these extraordinarily long workdays have finally pay off!

I regret to inform you, however, that Ms. Susan Colby, our Account Manager, and your Prototype Liaison, has resigned from Close Circuits on April 11, 2016. Her last working day is April 25, 2016, after which date she will no longer be handling your account. However, she will in the next two weeks assist in the smooth transition of her successor to take over her work, and both outgoing and new Prototype Liaison will be arranging a visit to your office at your earliest convenience to discuss the details with you.

You have been with us for 15 years now, and while we hate to see Ms. Colby go, we are pleased that we’ve had a greatly successful alliance with Smart Robotics, Inc. and are thankful that our work has always met with your approving nod. We hope for this alliance to continue to grow and flourish.

We wish Ms. Colby all the best in her new job, and she will be missed, especially for her dedication and great rapport with our clients. She is happy to complete your current projects in her care prior to her departure.

It is our endeavor to hire a seasoned, well recommended liaison engineer in her place, Ms. Colby will be succeeded by Mr. Roger Brandon, our Atlanta office chief engineer. I had introduced you to him at our New Year’s office party last year. He will be flying in from Atlanta this weekend, and come Monday morning, Ms. Colby will arrange a formal introduction to your team.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at (000) 587-8764.

Thanking you for doing business with us all these years, and looking forward to continue serving you,




Francis Hayes