Thank You for Your Order Letter Example

By | November 5, 2014

Gaining patronage is one of the most important things for any company. Customers make companies a success so it is important to indulge in activities that will ensure their support and loyalty to your company. You might deem your work done once a customer has bought what he is looking for but in actuality, this is where your work begins. You may have made a sale, but you need to retain the customer for further business.

Once an order has been made or dispatched, it is essential to write a thank you letter to the customer. This gesture will help you stay in touch with the customer and pave the way for future orders. Recurring business from existing customers is an excellent way of increasing sales, and it is up to you to make this happen.

Thank you letters to customers contain details of their orders, dispatch information and general appreciation for their business. A thank you letter will also get you referrals and increase your chances of gaining more customers. Here is how you can write one to a customer who has just placed his order.


Thank You for Your Order Letter Example



August 8, 2018

Ms. Molly Hopscotch
1010 5th Avenue E
Fife, WA 77827


Dear Ms. Hopscotch:

We are pleased that you chose Exponential Ware for purchasing your winter wardrobe. We hope that you will enjoy the convenience of home delivery and affordability of your new clothes. This is a unique range of clothes that have not hit the market yet, so you are the owner of a one of its kind winter wardrobe at this moment!

As a reminder, we would like to reiterate the fact that this offer comes with a special discount and an added gift – three woolen shrugs in peach, green and black. We will be dispatching your order shortly and will, of course, include your gift with the order. We value your patronage and would like this relationship to continue for many years to come.

Since you are one of the first three customers who ordered this particular line of clothing, we would like your feedback on our services once your order has been delivered to you. You will find a feedback form along with the invoice which we would appreciate if you could fill out and return to us in exchange for a 20% discount voucher for any subsequent purchase from Exponential Ware.

We look forward to your feedback and hope that you will take full advantage of the discount offered to you. Thank you once again for being a valuable patron.


Sincere regards,

Donald Trump
Sales Manager
Exponential Ware
553 Artondale Drive
Gig Harbor, WA 99001
Tel: (666) 666 – 6666