Acknowledgment Letter Sample for Payment Received

By | November 5, 2014

Once you have received a payment from a customer for a product that you have sold or a service that you have rendered, it is important to acknowledge it. The best way to do this is to write an acknowledgment letter to the customer.

An acknowledgment letter for a payment received will serve two purposes – informing the customer that you have received the amount and providing you with yet another chance to market your product or service. This type of letter usually requires one to be professional of tone. You are the face of the company, and you do not want to create a wrong impression by writing just anything in an acknowledgment letter – this letter has to be precise and hold just as much information as necessary.

In an acknowledgment letter for a received payment, you will need to provide specific details of the service you have rendered or the product that you have sold for which you have received a payment. If you have not communicated with the client before, you should introduce yourself as a representative of the company and take it from there.

The sample letter below will provide you with ideas on how you can write an acknowledgment letter of this sort.


Acknowledgement Letter Sample Payment Received


August 8, 2018

Mr. David Niles
782 El Camino Real
San Diego, CA 22292


Dear Mr. Niles:

I am writing this letter to confirm the payment of $7891 which we received through PayPal following your purchase of TBox-T from Gamers Pro. Please refer to the enclosed payment receipt which has been issued for your reference.

TBOx-T is the most popular gaming platform in the country, and we are positive that you will enjoy it to the fullest. The features are much more advanced than what the competition is offering and at this competitive price, you have purchased a top-of-the-line gaming box. Your order will be shipped out to you first thing tomorrow morning; the good news is that we will be adding three games free of cost with the console!

The console will be delivered to you at any time between 9 am and 5 pm on August 11 so please make sure that someone is available at the address you have provided at the time of order placing to receive it.

We would like to thank you for making an immediate payment following your order and anticipate a positive working relationship with you in future as well. If you have any queries regarding your order, please call us at (888) 888-8888.




Mark Anthony
Sales Manager
Gamers Pro
782 Valley Center Road
Ramona, CA 89898