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Sample Leave Application for Medical Treatment

Everybody gets sick once in a while and sometimes you miss important things like, school or work. Yeah, I know, some of you love getting sick just so that they can stay home, away from all the responsibilities and duties. Well, I hate to break it to you, but you still have one important duty;… Read More »

Leave Letter Due to Death in Family

It is the hardest thing to say is your last goodbyes when an untimely death takes away someone dear to the heart, but as long as the earth is rotating around its orbit, the sun is shining, life must go on! The mere thought of writing a letter informing your school, college, or office, of… Read More »

Emergency Leave Letter for Wife Illness

Whether you are newlyweds or age old veterans, all married couples have one thing in common i.e. codependence. When one is weak the other becomes strong enough for both, and when one is down they can always see a hand reaching out to pull them back up, to catch them when they fall, dry their… Read More »

Emergency Leave Letter for Family Problem

Walk into a workplace, and you could almost see the thought balloons: “My kid’s school called. Another fight!” “We just fired the nurse. I have to take care of mom till we find another.” “The babysitter bailed on us, again!” Sometimes it’s harder to balance work and family. Sometimes there’s no choice but to take… Read More »

Sample Leave Letter for Sister Marriage

The weather is getting milder now, with many people’s wedding plans in full bloom. Wait! You too are looking forward to a wedding? Great! But what will you do about work? Good weather is hardly a reason to take time off from work! But if you have to attend a wedding (that too in a… Read More »