Sample Leave Letter for Sister Marriage

By | February 10, 2016

The weather is getting milder now, with many people’s wedding plans in full bloom. Wait! You too are looking forward to a wedding? Great! But what will you do about work? Good weather is hardly a reason to take time off from work! But if you have to attend a wedding (that too in a different state or a city far away from your hometown), you will have to take time off.

Unless it is your sibling’s or child’s wedding, you may not get time off though. However, if it is a family member whose wedding you have to attend, taking a few days off might not be a problem. After all, you kept your leave kitty intact for so long so that you can take time off for such events!

Great! So you have everything in order. However, you will need to write a leave application to your boss, detailing why you have decided to take off right at the beginning of the year! While it may not be a problem for you to acquire leave, it is standard practice to inform your boss that you won’t be coming in for a few days. Here is how you can word your leave letter:


Sample Leave Letter for Sister Marriage


Gerald Hanson
Manager Sales
(000) 111-1111
g.hanson @ email . com

February 10, 2016

Mr. Ben Stark
Sales Director
9874 Radcliff Avenue
Lynchburg, VA 24502


Dear Mr. Stark:

I would like your permission to take three days off (from February 15, 2016 to February 18, 2016) from work so that I can attend my sister’s wedding ceremony in Brooklyn, NY.

After a detailed meeting with Ms. Emma Weaver (manager human resources), I have been presented with details of my casual leaves, all of which are un-availed at this time. She informed me that according to the company policy, it is alright for me to use three of them at the same time. As far as my work is concerned, the pressure is not much at this time of the year since all the Christmas and New Year sales are over and done with. However, I will temporarily hand over my responsibilities to Mr. Gary Wheeler (senior sales officer) who will service the customer accounts assigned to me until I return.

I would appreciate it if you would authorize this leave as soon as possible so that I can expedite my travel arrangements.



Gerald Hanson