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Mortgage Hardship Letter Example for Short Sale

Not everyone’s circumstances allow them to pay off a mortgage fully. At times, unforeseen circumstances can have devastating effects on our ability to keep our mortgage payments current – recession, layoffs, medical issues and expenses associated with divorce are some of the common reasons for not being able to pay back mortgage loans. In such… Read More »

Letter of Intent to Foreclose Mortgage

It is unfortunate that borrowers cannot always fulfil their mortgage obligations and fall behind on their payments. Working for a lending company, you may come across many situations in which mortgage payments have not been paid for months owing to unemployment, divorce or any unforeseen circumstances that borrowers have been struck with. While mortgage finance… Read More »

Mortgage Pre-qualification Letter Sample

A pre-qualification letter is sent by a mortgage company to a prospective borrower, stating that he or she is eligible for a certain type of loan; a pre-approval letter is sent only when all investigations are completed and a prospective borrower is informed that he can apply for a loan. Mortgage prequalification letters are usually… Read More »

Mortgage Pre-approval Letter Sample

A pre-approval letter is somewhat different from a prequalification letter in the sense that the former is more profound. Where a prequalification letter is written following basic prospective borrower information, a preapproval letter is issued only when a verification of the information has been done. It takes much more time to handle preapprovals as opposed… Read More »

Mortgage Payoff Letter Example

It is good if you have managed to pay off your mortgage and are now a proud owner of a house! So now that you do not have any more liabilities as far as your mortgage is concerned, you can relax and enjoy the home that you have lovingly built over the years. But do not… Read More »

Mortgage Letter of Explanation Sample

You may have been diligent in paying off your mortgage for years but if you have lapsed now, it is your duty to write a letter of explanation to the company that has granted you the mortgage. Your reason could be anything from an accident to an unexpected expense – the mortgage company needs to… Read More »

Mortgage Letter of Explanation for Late Payments

If you have been late in paying off your mortgage, it is time to write a letter of explanation to the lender. Falling back on your payments is quite a distressing thing to go through but you can make amends (somewhat) if you bother to explain why this has happened. After all, the organization that… Read More »

Mortgage Gift Letter Example

A down payment on a house is not the easiest of things to manage. While it is somewhat easy to make monthly payments, down payments are a different ballgame altogether. However, mortgage companies cannot deny you a mortgage plan if a family member or friend has decided to give you funds to put a down… Read More »

Mortgage Hardship Letter Due to Unemployment

Many of us have been victims of what we consider the cruel practice of “laying off”. Losing one’s job can have a tremendously devastating effect on one especially since we have bills to pay. What is worse than not having money to pay for bills is not having money to pay off the mortgage of… Read More »

Mortgage Commitment Letter Sample

As a final step in the mortgage application process, a mortgage commitment letter is issued by the lender to put a final seal of approval on the mortgage modalities decided between the lender and the borrower. While there is no standardized format on which a mortgage commitment letter is written, there are some rules that… Read More »

Mortgage Hardship Letter Sample

Mortgage hardship letters are written in the event that a borrower is unable to meet his payback obligations. The word “hardship” signifies a problem that the borrower may be going through (usually a financial worry) that has transpired in him making late payments or no payments at all. The purpose of a mortgage hardship letter… Read More »

Mortgage Hardship Letter Due to Illness

It is difficult to meet your mortgage obligations when you are unwell. However, mortgage companies may not always understand unless they have proof that you have been too unwell to make your mortgage payments. In such circumstances, you should write a mortgage hardship letter to the lending company and provide details of your illness and… Read More »

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