Mortgage Payoff Letter Example

By | January 9, 2015

It is good if you have managed to pay off your mortgage and are now a proud owner of a house! So now that you do not have any more liabilities as far as your mortgage is concerned, you can relax and enjoy the home that you have lovingly built over the years. But do not forget to write that all important mortgage payoff letter.

The financer that has provided you with a mortgage loan needs to be sent a letter detailing the closing of the deal. While the mortgage company will have records in place that give it this information, it is important that you give in writing that you have indeed paid off the mortgage. Mortgage payoff letters usually enclose the last and final mortgage payment. They act as proof that the borrower has ended the payments by paying in full.

Before you write a mortgage payoff letter, you should know how much you owe the company even if it is for reference purposes only. Once you have this information, you can either fill out a mortgage payoff request that the financer will provide to you or write a mortgage payoff letter. Here is how you can word your mortgage payoff letter.

Mortgage Payoff Letter Example


Martin King
21 New Street
Mentor, OH 10200
(000) 666.9999
martin @ email . com

March 1, 2016

Mr. George Lucas
Mortgage Officer
Elijah Mortgage Services
726 Ming Road
Mentor, OH 26353


Dear Mr. Lucas:

Please refer to my mortgage number 637-11AD with Elijah Mortgage Services. I was granted with this lease on March 5, 2010 and was required to pay back the whole amount by April 30, 2016. As I have obtained some funds unexpectedly, I would like to pay off my mortgage entirely, two months earlier than the deadline.

I have enclosed a summary of all my previous payments since March, 2010. This is for your reference and if you find any discrepancies please let me know so that I can sort it out. As per my knowledge, all my mortgage payments have been paid in full and on time each month. Please find a check amounting to $6000 also enclosed with this payoff letter. This is the full and final payment of my mortgage loan. Please let me know if there are any additional fees that need to be paid so that this mortgage loan can be closed on an immediate basis.

Thank you for providing me with a chance to purchase my own house by virtue of granting me this loan. I appreciate the fact that you relaxed the payback plan to suit my needs and enabled me to pay it back without any hitches. I await a response from you regarding the closure of this deal and would appreciate a mortgage payback statement as well.




Martin King
Mortgage #: 637-11AD