Employee Compliment Letter Sample

By | November 16, 2014

If an employee has done an outstanding job at something, you must compliment him. Complimenting an employee does not only acknowledge his work but also motivates him to perform better in subsequent projects. Writing a compliment letter to an employee also gives an employer a chance to reach out to him and to motivate other employees to work as well as a particular one has.

Compliment letters can be written in any manner an employer chooses but here are some pointers that will help when writing one:

– Mention the work, milestone or achievement that has warranted a compliment letter to be written
– Provide detail of the work and how it affected the company or client in a positive way
– Congratulate the employee on his achievement
– Acknowledge the qualities of the employee that led to the achievement
– Thank the employer for his effort and contribution

You can write a compliment letter to an employee using the sample below:


Employee Compliment Letter Sample


August 16, 2018

Ms. Sherlyn Cusack
Manager Sales
Mohawk Industries
8 Charles Avenue
Morristown, TN 19283


Dear Ms. Cusack:

Please accept my congratulations on achieving one of the most significant milestones that Mohawk Industries has seen since it was founded in 1992. I would like to thank you for taking Project Cold Customers to a new high and advertently taking our sales to new heights.

Your initiative in taking responsibility for the 1025 dormant accounts that we were holding and managing to revive 1007 is a landmark on its own. Your willingness to work extra hours every day during the last 18 months reflects your honesty and commitment to your work and Mohawk Industry. During the time that you had undertaken this project, the management was increasingly depending on your predictions of increased sales owing to your insightful observations. The thoroughness and professionalism with which you tackled even the most difficult of our clients is a virtue that we have yet to come across in another employee.

After the mega success of Project Cold Customers, I am now endeavoring to pick up something as big and challenging to do. Owing to the immense dedication with which you handled the previous project, I have decided to ask you to lead this one as well as I am confident that if anyone can make it work, it is you. To discuss this in more detail, I would like to meet you in my office. Please call me to set a mutually appropriate date and time for our meeting.

I am proud of your outstanding service and devotion to Mohawk Industries.



Ian Sole
Director Sales
Mohawk Industries
Tel: (222) 222-2222