Thank You Letter Template for Unit Clerk

By | November 14, 2014

Official thank you letters can be written on many occasions; you may want to thank a prospective employer for a job interview or a job offer, or you may wish to express your gratefulness at being chosen for a project or a responsibility. Depending on what situation has arisen, you can show your thankfulness by writing a letter to the person who has done you a favor at your workplace.

A unit clerk, for instance, might want to thank the person who interviewed him for a position in a hospital. In a thank you letter in this situation, a unit clerk will begin by the customary “thank you for your time in interviewing me”(or something similar) and go on to reiterate his abilities to perform the said job briefly. A unit clerk may also write a thank you letter to a supervisor following a request that the latter may have granted. To write one of your own for this position, you can take ideas from the template below:


Unit Clerk Thank You Letter Sample


August 15, 2018

Ms. Cara Fernandez
Nurse Manager
Berwick Hospital
6 N Main Street
Paterson, NJ 71023


Dear Ms. Fernandez:

I am very grateful to be transferred to the pediatric floor of Berwick Hospital following my request to work as a Unit Clerk in an environment that is more conducive to my abilities and interests. Thank you for having faith in me and standing up for me to make this transfer possible.

As you know, I have always been interested in working at the children’s floor owing to my professional background- I have been stationed in pediatric settings since I began working in hospitals seven years ago and I believe that this is where my true abilities come forth. While I agree that my work is more or less the same regardless of which floor I work at, I am more comfortable working in an environment that I know inside-out.

The transfer letter that I received indicates that I have three weeks to hand over my work to Ms. Jennifer Coon and prepare myself for my new placement. I believe this time frame is sufficient for me to do the needful and I will initiate the handing over procedure immediately.

The “feel good factor” of being appreciated will contribute to me working diligently in my next placement as well. I would like to extend my thanks to you once again for making an effort to assist me in achieving the position that I desired and felt was more in sync with my skills.



Tina Tooney
Unit Clerk
Geriatric Floor
Berwick Hospital