Letter of Explanation Due to Negligence

By | December 22, 2016

There’s nothing more mature than taking responsibility for one’s negligence, instead of blaming someone else. It is an admirable act, as it’s rare to find someone who can take the consequences of their actions without being a juvenile delinquent.

It is hard to admit one’s mistakes, I know. However, it is a humbling experience which leaves the confessor a better person. Now that you’ve committed the negligence, you can’t just go and change the past, however, you can cushion its blow with an explanation letter.

One thing to keep in mind about such letters is that you don’t need to talk in circles. Tell it like it is. You messed up, everybody does, it happens. Explain, apologize and move on. After you’re done explaining what happened, you can assure the recipient that this sort of negligence won’t happen again. Also, mention any steps you have taken to make sure of that.

Sample Letter of Explanation Due to Negligence


December 22, 2016

Ms. Sara S. Herrera
1799 Daylene Drive
Pontiac, MI 48342


Dear Ms. Herrera:

I profusely apologize for the state in which you received your glass set, this was unacceptable. We have spoken to the retailer and have arranged for you to receive a new one, and paid off the damages. Again, I am sorry, for I was the one whose negligence led to this accident.

As area manager, it’s my job to make sure that our deliverymen knew exactly how to handle with care your package in his truck, and drive according to the requirements mentioned on their daily ledger. I forgot to enter your package’s details into the system and then that led to the driver thinking that there are no fragile packages in the truck.

I have made sure that this shall not occur again. From now on, before each truck leaves there will be an inventory, and all objects will be checked, and if there are any objects for which details are not mentioned on the system, their information shall be updated. Along with that, all drivers have been instructed to always drive as if they are carrying only fragile cargo.

Please expect to receive your replacement glass set in the next 48 hours. I trust you will find everything in order, otherwise please feel free to contact us at 1-800-RapD anytime, 24/7.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience in the matter. Thanks to your feedback and communication, our logistics company has changed for the better, and I hope that this inconvenience will not lead to you discontinuing your relationship with RapiDelivery Couriers.




Bertram Collins
Area Manager
RapiDelivery Couriers