Sample Letter to Parents about Fundraising

By | January 3, 2015

Getting parents involved in school fundraising activities is a surefire way of ensuring students’ involvement as well. This is because children take many cues from their parents and those who encourage their children to participate in fundraising activities, often end up raising conscientious and kind individuals.

School administrations send out letters to parents once they have decided on the logistics of the event. These letters need to include the following details:

• Type of fundraiser
• Goal of the fundraiser
• Start and end dates

This information needs to be put into a letter in a positive tone that exudes energy. After all, you do not want the event to come across as a boring one so you need to be upbeat about how you portray it. It is important to keep parents aware of school fundraisers for another reason – parents should know what type of activities their children are involved in. While many schools write three different types of fundraising letters – intro letter, kick off letter and pick up letter – it is possible to incorporate all this information in one letter and write a separate one if needed at a later time.

Fundraising letters need to be direct and to the point. They should not be vague as you do not want to be inundated with phone calls once parents have received them. Here is a sample letter to parents about a fundraising activity at school.

Sample Letter to Parents about Fundraising

January 3, 2015


Subject: Fundraising for SOS Children’s Village

Dear Parents:

As the New Year sets in, we have decided to organize a series of fundraising activities to provide the benefit of education and quality of life which is the birth right of each child of our country, to those who are less fortunate than us. The proceeds of these activities will be sent to the SOS Children’s Village. Every dollar that we earn will provide vast benefits to children who are presently residing in SOS Children’s Village so we would like you and your child to participate wholeheartedly.

Starting from January 15, 2015, fundraising activities will be in place in the form of a funfair which will last for a week. We have 25 stalls that you can rent from us if you would like to sell something and contribute the proceeds to this cause. Alternately, we would like to have you and your family members and friends over for as many days as possible so that we can meet the goals we have set for the children of the SOS Children’s Village.

Your child’s class (Grade 4) will be actively involved in selling homemade edible products. Your child is required to bring 2 chicken casseroles on January 16, 2015 to sell at the booth. We believe that this is the right time to teach our students the importance of giving and your help will be greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this event.


Best regards,

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Emma Thompson
Principal, The Leona Group of Schools
6673 Ward Road, Baytown, TX 82937
Tel: (000) 999-0987 Ext: 223