Letter to Parents from Teacher about Christmas Party

By | December 4, 2014


Integrating young students into events and celebrations as part of their learning process is very important and what better occasion to do this than Christmas. Many schools organize Christmas parties not only because of the significance of Christmas but also because they want their students to thrive in a somewhat informal setting as well.

Letters are sent to parents from class teachers, informing them of a Christmas party being held at school premises; sometimes parents are encouraged to attend as a bonding exercise. In events where parents are asked to attend a class Christmas party, an invitation letter may include details of activities that will take place during the party and how a teacher would like the parents to get involved in them.

Christmas parties are usually held before or after the Christmas day to familiarize young students with the occasion. Invitation letters are usually sent out even earlier than that so that parents can prepare their children (and themselves) for the upcoming event. A letter of this sort will include date, time and venue of the Christmas party in question and any special instructions that a teacher may want to provide to parents. Here is how one can be written:


Sample Letter to Parents from Teacher about Christmas Party


December 8, 2015

Re: Christmas Party

Dear Parents:

Christmas is a great opportunity for parents, students and teachers to get together and spend some much needed quality time with each other. Bearing this in mind, we have organized a Christmas party at the school, details of which are provided below:

Date: Monday, December 28, 2015
Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Venue: 2nd Grade Classroom

All 2nd grade students have worked very hard to prepare for this party; we are crafting decorations and exchanging food ideas on a daily basis. But this is not all that we are doing. To make our students understand the spirit of giving at this time of the year, we have asked each student to bring one small thing that belongs to them as a giveaway for the less fortunate children. Please understand that nothing new must be bought for this occasion; if your child feels that they cannot part with their belonging, please do not pressurize them.

We would appreciate it if you would attend this party along with your children, as your presence will give your child a significant boost in morale. If you could confirm your attendance soon, we will be able to finalize the arrangements.

Thank you very much.


Beat regards,

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Tina Quentin
Class Teacher, 2nd Grade
KIPP Columbus School
32 Some Street
(000) 111-2222
tina @ kipp . edu