Modification of Child Support Letter Sample

By | October 1, 2016

Child support matters are perhaps the most tricky to handle in the event of a divorce. While an initial agreement may be set, charting out how much child support is to be paid, a modification can be made into the original agreement. This modification may come about if the custodial parent claims that her child’s financial requirements have increased – or at times decreased.

A child support modification letter can be written to add an addendum to the original agreement or to draw up new agreement altogether. Typically, a third party such as a lawyer will chart out the modification in a child support agreement, and address to a domestic relations officer of the resident county. Or the custodial parent can write on herself, detailing why a modification is needed, and provide proof of the child’s additional needs.

If you want to get the best out of modifying your child support terms, it is a good idea to let your lawyer handle it, although, you can do as good a job if you know the ins and outs of the situation and the appeal processes. A non-custodial parent may also feel compelled to ask for a modification in the event that he has lost his job and cannot offer to pay as much as before.

The following child support letter sample (asking for a modification) is written on behalf of the custodial parent:


Modification of Child Support Letter Sample


September 24, 2016

Mr. Jim Casey
Domestic Relations Officer
Lafayette Parish County Office
1252 Meyers Avenue
Lafayette, LA 10383


Dear Mr. Casey:

This letter is an official request for the modification of the existing child support order of my client Ms. Lina Dodge (case # 192833-LD). The basis of this request is the substantial change in the custodial parent’s (Ms. Lina Dodge) financial circumstances due to the increase in inflation and her child’s (Liam Jackson) personal, medical and academic needs.

Here are details of Ms. Dodge’s present circumstances:

a) Liam Jackson is now 12 years of age and as opposed to his personal requirements at age 4 when the parents obtained the divorces, his needs have increased considerably.

b) Ms. Lina Dodge can no longer work full time because of an autoimmune disease that she has been recently diagnosed with.

c) Liam has recently been enrolled in a private school (with both parents’ consent) and his school fee has increased by 28%.

In view of the circumstances mentioned here, it is requested that the non-custodial parent is contacted by your office and asked to approve and abide by the modifications to the original child support agreement. Please note that proof of all three circumstances and a document charting out the expected monthly payment is enclosed with this request. You may reach me at (000) 622-3520 if you require any additional information or paperwork.

Thank you,



Ty Sullivan
Legal Counsel
125 Main Avenue
Lafayette, LA 37452