Sample Letter to Cancel Child Support

By | October 1, 2016

Cancellation of child support may be done for several reasons. While most custodial parents would not resort to cancelling child support that is keeping them afloat and their child secure, at times the circumstances do call for it. Even divorced parents sometimes make amends with each other and come upon a mutual agreement to support their child. Or the obligatory parent may have had a run of bad luck and is unable to pay child support.

Whatever the case, it is best to let the authorities (who are ensuring that child support is paid on time) know that you no longer require child support. You must write a letter to the Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement to provide them with the information that you no longer require child support, and chart out why you have decided to do this. You may be asked to go through a procedure, like filling out forms to make the cancellation official. But an initial request letter will be required to notify the authorities that you have made the decision to give up receiving child support.

Here is a sample letter that you can write to cancel child support:


Sample Letter to Cancel Child Support


October 1, 2016


Mr. Chet Edwards
Child Support Enforcement Officer
Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement
7032 Brumby Road
Cumming, GA 17363


Dear Mr. Edwards:

This is with reference to my child support case # CS-98745-AD-9, administered to your office on July 5, 2015. In the initial case file, I had requested a sum of $1500 per month in child support payments for my then 6 year son Elijah Edmond, from his father Mr. Guy Edmond.

Please note that last month, Mr. Guy Edmond and I made peace with each other and are contemplating getting back together. In view of these recent circumstances, I would like to cancel the request to be paid the above-mentioned monthly amount as a child support. I have thought about this at length and understand the consequences of this decision in case our personal deal falls through.

Mr. Guy Edmond has not delayed or missed any payments in the past 14 months and I do not expect him to pull away his support voluntarily even after an official order has been passed. I request you to cancel my initial child support case immediately and notify both me and Mr. Guy Edmond at your earliest.

I will appreciate a prompt action in this regard.




Tracy Millhone