Thanksgiving Day Letter to Coworkers

By | November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving greetings should not be limited to just the family – or friends. Most of us spend a huge part of our lives working in office settings, where our coworkers becomes friends and sometimes, family too. It isn’t a bad idea to write a Thanksgiving Day letter to them as well.

Letters may not be such a hot favorite of people who would rather communicate through easier means such as e-cards, emails and even short electronic messages. But actual letters – the kind that you print on a piece of paper and send to people in an envelope – are not old fashioned. They are just forgotten. It is time to bring them back!

This year on Thanksgiving, do things with a difference. Write a letter to your coworkers even if you have to hand it to them on the next table. Writing a letter to wish them or to tell them how much you appreciate their help or support is a great way of connecting with them on a personal level. You can make plans for a Thanksgiving Day dinner or lunch, especially meant for those coworkers who do not have a family to go back to.

Here is a sample that you can use to write your own:


Thanksgiving Day Letter to Coworkers


Adam Hedsted
Administrative Assistant
Berger Inc.
726 Plain Road
Cresco, PA 20556

November 22, 2016

All Team Members
Berger Inc.


Dear Coworkers:

Happy Thanksgiving to the best team that I have ever worked with! As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I would like to appreciate all the effort that you have put into the project that we are presently a part of, and all the times I have been specifically helped with my official struggles. I am truly humbled by the amazing support system all of you have become for me.

To show my appreciation, I would like to invite all of you for a Thanksgiving party at The Corner Café on the eve of Thanksgiving Day. While we may not be able to manage the traditional turkey and gravy, I am sure we can have a pretty festive time amongst ourselves! It would be lovely to sit together in an informal setting and chat the evening away, with good food and drinks. It would be such a pleasure if all of you could make it. Of course, if you cannot make it, I will understand prior commitments and family obligations.

Wishing you the happiness of good friends, the joy of a happy family and the wonders of the holiday season!



Adam Hedsted