Thank You Letter to Customer for Purchase

By | December 14, 2016

Business retention is one of the main concerns of most companies – they make a lot of effort to ensure that their customers remain loyal, through delivery of exceptional customer services. Recently, organizations have picked up the activity of writing thank you letters to their customers, especially when they make a sizeable purchase. Some companies even send out thank you letters if a customer has purchased something small such as a roller pen! It all depends on how much you want to spend on customer contact!

The nature and length of a thank you letter depends on individual companies. Some might send in one simply saying “thank you for your purchase” – others may resort to writing long letters outlining how important a customer is to them. If you choose to write a detailed thank you letter, you will probably have to put in some related information – after all, how many words, phrases or sentences can you write just to say thank you?

A thank you letter can be written in any way that you desire. There are no set rules governing how to write one. Just make sure that once you appreciate customers’ decision to buy something from you, you add a little detail about the company and its offers. Confused? Don’t be! Here is how you can kill two birds with one stone:


Thank You Letter to Customer for Purchase


December 14, 2016

Mr. Robert Miller
928 Fruit Lane
West Jordon, UT 10938


Dear Mr. Miller:

Thank you for purchasing the life-size action figure of Buzz Lightyear from Al’s Toy Barn. We hope that your child will enjoy this unique Christmas present as it truly is one of its kind! If you need any assistance in operating or assembling this toy, please feel free to contact us at our helpline and we will be happy to assist.

From a humble beginning in the year 2001, Al’s Toy Barn has come a long way in these 15 years, making it the best all-inclusive toy store in the State of Utah. We have a huge variety of toys that make your child’s playtime great fun. Keeping in mind that toys can be great educational tools, we have developed a special line of educational toys (for ages 0 to 12). We suggest that you try out this new section on your next visit, or visit our website.

We appreciate your business and anticipate providing you with solutions to all your toy buying needs in the future as well.




Martin Best
Customer Service Manager
Al’s Toy Barn
6 Grisham Street
West Jordon, UT 18373
Tel: (000) 475-7352