Sample Letter for Non Payment of Dues

By | December 16, 2016

The customer is always right! That’s what every company says… until the customer is late paying dues. This is the moment the customer is wrong, and you have to make sure they know it. Writing a letter reminding the customer of their nonpayment of dues is sensitive business indeed. How to be polite and demanding at the same time? This question must have troubled many businessmen and companies. Let me see if I can help you, here are a few tips:

Start by saying something nice, then telling the customer about the dues, and then something nice again. This will create what is called the bad news sandwich. This makes the bad news much more palatable, and the customer can digest the information easily without getting hurt.

Tell the customer about the consequences of continuing to not pay his or her dues. Whether it’s cancellation of services, or even a lawsuit from your end, the customer should have full knowledge of your policy, so that he or she understands the gravity of the situation.

The client-company bond is held together by a thin thread of respect. Once that thread is gone, there’s nothing left to save. This respect should show in your letter to the client. Even if the client owes you money, they still deserve respect, and this very respect may lead to the client paying the dues on time. As they say, “One who gives, gathers”. So, if you give respect, you shall gather respect from your clientele.

Here’s a sample letter for your convenience:


Sample Letter to Customer for Non Payment of Dues


Alexandra Andersen
Artist and Designer
The Revival of The Arts club & Exhibition House
58 South Ave
San Diego, CA 96544
(000) 587-5241

December 16, 2016

Mr. Benjamin E. Amos
1130 Meadowbrook Mall Road
Culver City, CA 90232


Dear Mr. Amos:

I am delighted to inform you that your second order is almost done. However, I am unable to ship in your new order, as you have some dues left unpaid. Enclosed in this letter is the bill containing the details of your unpaid dues.

It would be strongly recommended that you pay your dues before the 15th of January 2017 or else your membership shall be cancelled. If that is to happen then I am afraid your new order and perhaps the previous one will be taken back and sold for auction to someone else. You are one of my most valued customers and I enjoy painting landscapes for you very much, my hands are tied, however, as this is the company policy.

The new set of paintings will be completed on the 20th of January, 2017. I’m sure you will be quite pleased with them. I look forward to the prompt payment of your outstanding dues.



Alexandra Andersen