Sample Invitation Letter for Business Visa for UK

By | October 2, 2018

It is not easy to go to another country to do business, especially if you have not received a formal invitation from the person with whom you will be doing business. And if you have been asked to write an invitation letter, you should keep reading this.

Invitation letters to obtain UK business visas are not difficult to write. You do need to know who to address the letter to, and what format to base your letter on, but then you can pretty much write it your way. The content of the invitation letter should contain why you want a particular person to come to your country, how long he or she will stay, and what possible future liaison can be made between yourself, and the person you are inviting over. Make sure that you specify who will be handling the expenses of the person that you are inviting so that the visa officer does not dwell on the fact that the invitee will become a burden on the state.

Here is a sample invitation letter for a business visa for the United Kingdom:


Sample Business Visa Invitation Letter for UK


October 19, 2018

Mr. Craig Shaw
Counselor Officer
United Kingdom Embassy
28 Harbor Road
Lansing, MI 29474


Dear Sir / Madam:

This letter serves as an invitation to Mr. Robert Hoss to London for the purpose of business. Mr. Hoss organization Acme Deliverables, and our company Core Technologies have been working together in an offshore capacity for the last two years, and would now like to work on a joint venture, for which Mr. Hoss presence in London is required.

Please refer below for information:

Name: Robert Hoss
DOB: September 25, 1969
Passport #: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date of Issue: 2/2/2018
Date of Expiry: 2/2/2025

Mr. Hoss will be staying at our company’s guesthouse during the time that he is in London, and Core Technologies will bear all of his travel and lodging expenses. His expected date of arrival is December 12, 2018, and he will be able to finish his business here by December 25, 2018, and will leave immediately after. During that time that Mr. Hoss is in London, I will take full responsibility for his conduct and interactions.

I would appreciate it if you would grant him the appropriate business visa for this visit so that both organizations can work according to schedule. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me at (444) 444-4444.

Thank you,



Steve Hall
Managing Director
Core Technologies
783 Fox Road
London LN12 5TY