Sample Invitation Letter for Business Visa for UK

It is not easy to go to another country to do business, especially if you have not received a formal invitation from the person with whom you will be doing business. And if you have been asked to write an invitation letter, you should keep reading this. Invitation letters to obtain UK business visas are… Read More »

Sample Invitation Letter for Business Visa for China

Applying for a Chinese visa has many considerations that one has to look into. One such area that one needs to figure out how to handle is the invitation part. This is especially true for people who are applying for a business visa and would like the company from the country that they plan to… Read More »

Self-declaration Letter for Visa

If you are traveling to a country where an American citizen needs a visa, whether on arrival, or via that country’s embassy, and you are self-employed, you need to write them a self-declaration letter. A self-declaration letter is usually written to deliver proof of service or income in situations where someone is self-employed, or if… Read More »

Sample Visa Extension Letter for Tourist

Things do not always go as planned unfortunately. When you are on holiday, you often come across situations where you have no choice but to bow down to circumstances. What happens when you are on holiday in a country, say the USA, and have fallen sick or been in an accident? Imagine the scenario. Your… Read More »

Sample Letter for Tourist Visa Invitation

The holidays are here and you would like one of your friends or family members to come and visit you. Everything was planned ahead and you are now looking into details of how to bring your friend or family member to visit you. What is the next step? You write a letter to the American… Read More »

Sample Letter for Tourist Visa Application

The USA is a great attraction for people looking into visiting a country of such expanse and differentiated tastes. Thousands of people apply for tourist visas to the US every year and many are granted access. But there isn’t a pick and choose policy here. If you can satisfy the authorities that you will not… Read More »

No Objection Letter Sample for Visa

Okay so now you have your holiday plans all sorted out and are raring to go! But there is a small delay. The visa people say that they need a no objection letter from your employer before they can process your visa. What now? Not to worry! Simply ask your employer to provide you with… Read More »

NOC Letter Format from Employer for Visa

A no objection letter from your employer to a visa officer can do wonders for your chances of obtaining a visa to visit another country. An NOC proves to a visa issuing authority that the person in question will return before his visa has expired as he has a job to get back to –… Read More »

Sample Invitation Letter for Canadian Visit Visa

A letter of invitation to a friend or family member (who lives outside Canada), does not guarantee that a visa will be granted. In fact, it is the requirement of the visa office that must be abided by. Through a letter of invitation, a visa officer assess your status in Canada, your financial stability and the information about the… Read More »

Sample Letter of Invitation for US Visa

Many people wish to visit the USA not only because it is a wonderful country to see but also because they have their loved ones settled there. However, obtaining visas to visit the USA might be difficult. What can make things easier is an invitation letter from your friend or relative living in the USA;… Read More »

Sample Letter of Invitation for Business Visa

With travelling is becoming somewhat strained due to the immense threats around the world, many countries have tightened their visa approval laws. Where it was once alright to just mention your purpose of acquiring a visa in a visa application form, it is now necessary to provide reasons and evidence of why you are applying… Read More »