Sample Visa Extension Letter for Tourist

By | September 27, 2015

Things do not always go as planned unfortunately. When you are on holiday, you often come across situations where you have no choice but to bow down to circumstances. What happens when you are on holiday in a country, say the USA, and have fallen sick or been in an accident? Imagine the scenario. Your visa expires in three days but the doctor says that you just cannot travel.

The best way to deal with this situation is to ask for a visa extension. The person who applied for your visa in the first place needs to do this. So if your initial visa was granted to you because a friend or a family member sent you an invitation, he or she will have to write a visa extension request as well.

A visa extension letter needs to include the following information:

• Reasons for asking for a visa extension
• Information on where the person will stay during extended visa tenure
• Proof of financial support to the person

And you will need to provide hard copies of their extension visa forms, passports, airline tickets and financial statements of the person with whom you will be staying.

Sample Visa Extension Letter for Tourist

September 27, 2015

Visa Officer
256 Stonemill Road
Independence, KY 25654

Re: Tourist Visa Extension

Dear Visa Officer:

I am enclosing an application form and other required documents for the extension of stay of my friend Louis Pinto, whose tourist visa expires on October 1, 2015. Louis face a road accident recently and is presently hospitalized at the Independence Medical Center, owing to two fractured bones.

As per the doctor’s orders, there is no way that Louis can travel back to Canada in 4 days. He will need to remain in the hospital for at least two weeks and will need extended therapy to help him recuperate from the trauma. I have already informed his employer back in Dubai and he has been kind enough to grant him extended leave. Please refer to the enclosed screenshots of my correspondence with him.

Please rest assured that Louis has no intention of staying in the US beyond necessity. He has a steady job, his wife and three children back home. I would appreciate it if you would approve this request for an extended stay. While he is here, I will bear all his living and medical expenses.

Thank you,



Robert Dan

(Enc: visa extension form, copies of passport, email screenshots and bank statement)