Sample Letter of Invitation for US Visa

Many people wish to visit the USA not only because it is a wonderful country to see but also because they have their loved ones settled there. However, obtaining visas to visit the USA might be difficult. What can make things easier is an invitation letter from your friend or relative living in the USA; a letter of this sort can make things much smoother than they would ordinarily be as it will help people in authority make decisions in your favor.

A letter of invitation of serves one very important purpose – providing embassies with information on why a certain individual wants to enter the US and put their minds at ease about any illegal activity or asylum issues. Since the reputation of the issuer of the invitation letter is on the line here, people take care not to provide misleading information which works well for embassies.

So do not hesitate and write a letter to the embassy in the country your friend/relative is residing in by simply stating all the facts of why your friend wants to visit you.


Sample Letter of Invitation for US Visa


February 20, 2015

American Consulate General, Shandong
783 Renmin Lu
Qingdao Shi
569542 Shandong

Re: Issuance of Visit Visa to Ms. Yen Ming Chen

Dear Visa Officer:

I, Gale Hopkins working as an Accounts Manager at SMCG located at 99 Henry Street, Laurel, MD and earn $80,000 annually. I would like to invite Ms. Yen Ming Chen (contact information and passport details enclosed) to visit the USA for the purpose of tourism. She will be staying with me throughout her tenure in the USA. It will be a great opportunity for her to experience American culture and lifestyle first hand.

Please rest assured that I will be responsible for all of her expenses including airfare for the round trip to the US, food, housing, medical and any other personal expenses that she will have. This will provide me with an opportunity to show her the hospitality that she extended towards me when I was in China in 2012.

All the documents that you will need to process Ms. Chen’s visa are enclosed with this letter. If there is any additional information you need from me that will help expedite her visa, please don’t hesitate to contact meany time.

I appreciate your time and effort in this regard.



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Gale Hopkins
39 Mountain Way
Laurel, MD 73373
Tel: (333) 333-3333

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