NOC Letter Format from Employer for Visa

By | April 24, 2015

A no objection letter from your employer to a visa officer can do wonders for your chances of obtaining a visa to visit another country. An NOC proves to a visa issuing authority that the person in question will return before his visa has expired as he has a job to get back to – it works as a kind of surety that the person will not remain in the country illegally.

No objection letters from employers are important documents in the visa application process. They lend credence to an employee’s employment status and also provide proof that the individual is capable of handling his own expenses while he is in a foreign country. This information makes visa issuance process easy as it determines that the individual will not become a liability on the country once he lands there.

NOCs from employers are addressed to the visa officer in a consulate or an embassy. Since one never knows which visa officer will open your letter, it is best to address the letter as “Dear Visa Officer” or “Dear Sir / Madam” so that it has a generic stance. It is important to mention the reason for your employee’s desire to travel to a particular country, the amount of time he will spend there and the fact that he is capable of handling his own expenses – and that he has a job to come back to.

Here is a sample NOC format from an employer for an employee’s visa:


NOC Letter Format from Employer for Visa


April 24, 2015

Visa Officer
Canadian High Commission
67-99 Field Road
Ashland, KY 29374

Re: No Objection Certificate

Dear Sir / Madam:

This is with reference to Ms. Kylie Gromer, who has been working as a Sales Director at Kacy’s Market since October 2008. Ms. Gromer has applied for a visa to visit Canada.

We would like to endorse the fact that our company has no objection to her travelling to Vietnam for a 3 month period (as she has sufficiently accumulated and earned holidays). The company has already sanctioned her leave request which can be availed at her discretion. We also validate the fact that Ms. Gromer is able to handle all her travelling and living expenses on her own. A proof of Ms. Gromer’s annual income has been enclosed with this NOC.

Please feel free to contact me if any further information is required.




Martin King
Director, Kacy’s Market
782 Hilton Avenue, Ashland, KY 27363
(000) 000-9991, martin @ kacymarket . com