Accounting Error Apology Letter Sample

By | January 9, 2017

An accounting error happens when two numbers are inconsistent in financial documentation. Usually when this happens, the possibility of fraud is quickly assessed, however, it is usually a small mistake by the staff. After identifying the cause, then they proceed to inform all relevant personnel and clientele.

This is something that can happen sometimes in banks and business that have a lot to do with financial details and documentation. Once there is an accounting error, after clearing it up in the books, it’s best to write an apology-filled letter, informing your customer of what happened, along with a revised slip. After all, you, being privy to their financial details, must maintain a trustworthy and dependable reputation.

In these letters, it’ optimal to explain exactly how the error took place, who was responsible, how they were dealt with, and how you plan to minimize such errors in the future. That way, your customer knows that you actually care. Here is a sample for your convenience:


Accounting Error Apology Letter Sample


January 9, 2017

Mr. Harold J. Cook
2767 Ella Street
San Bruno, CA 94066


Dear Mr. Cook:

As much as I am displeased to trouble a valued customer as yourself with unfortunate news, I have to let you know that there has been an accounting error while calculating your yearly bank statement. When we found a discrepancy in our records, we tallied it with the camera footage which clearly shows your deposit on November 5th, 2016 as 5000$ not 500$, which is what the newly hired cashier mistyped.

I must apologize for this inconvenience, which has left you without your $4,500 for more than three months. It is unconceivable that we would have left it unnoticed until now. I cannot apologize enough. I am aware that since you only make deposits in your savings account and rarely check the balance, you may not have noticed this error. We have taken the appropriate measures to prevent a similar mistake from happening again.

Attached please find a new, revised bank statement along with this letter and your bank balance has been updated accordingly. Forgive us and I hope that you will continue to come to Sungrow Bank Ltd., knowing that you have changed it for the better. I would like to speak to you next time you come to discuss any other issues or complaints you may have.




Mr. Millan Gregory
Senior Branch Manager
Sungrow Bank Ltd.