Thank You Letter for Attending Event

By | January 10, 2017

Planning events can be a hectic experience, a late delivery or a missing item can make a masterpiece into a mess. However, once you’re done with your event, you can take a relaxing breath and grab a pen, or a computer, and start writing your “thank you for attending” letters.

Whether you’ve had certain important people in mind whom you wish to thank, or just the general crowd that was there, writing a thank you letter will make you smile, because it meant a lot to you that they came, and you got to see them enjoy and have fun at your event, on which you worked so hard.

The best time to write this letter is right after the event; you can easily write how the person’s presence changed the atmosphere, and highlights of the evening (or day). It will be a breeze because you have fresh memories from the event, which will help you write a heartfelt thank you letter, for personal or business events.

Here’s how to do it:


Sample Thank You Letter for Attending Event


Kevin Gordon
Bridge Beyond Beauty, Inc.
Some Road, San Diego, CA 65211
(000) 521-5474
kevin @ email . com

January 8, 2017

Ms. Dawn Landry
2640 Rockford Mountain Lane
Oshkosh, WI 54901


Dear Ms. Landry:

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for attending our our new product launch. It meant a lot to us that you came. It definitely would not have been the same without your radiant presence.

I believe the launch was a success, and you being there was the cornerstone in that success, especially when you got up on stage and began that speech. That speech took us by surprise, we had no idea that you would say such well put words about our company. It did make sense, however, as you have been one of our best customers from the very start. There has been talk about making you into our new “Glamour girl”, just to show you how much we appreciate you. I cannot thank you enough for being so supportive, you also wearing one of our designer dresses, I’m sure that was no coincidence.

It would be our pleasure if you attend every single event of ours, and start working closely with us in the future. This thank you is not just from me, it is from every single member of Bridge Beyond Beauty, Inc.




Kevin Gordon