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Sorry Letter for not Acting Correctly

Workplaces are often volatile, with many people under great work pressure. While appropriate behavior is an absolute must, there are times when one crosses the line. If such a thing has happened to you, you must write an apology letter to your colleague or supervisor, in order to tell them how sorry you are for… Read More »

Apology Letter for not Calling Back

At the workplace, there are certain protocols that you have to follow in order to keep within the groove of things. For instance, if someone has called you and you were not able to talk, it is your responsibility to call back. If you haven’t called back, you must apologize to them. Even if you… Read More »

Apology Letter for not Answering Call

Have you found yourself to be in a situation where you have not answered an important call? Are you afraid that the caller might feel bad? Do not wait for that to happen. In such circumstances, make sure that you reach out to the person and apologize. The best was to apologize for not answering… Read More »

Sample Letter of Apology for Dishonesty

There is no excuse for lying, especially where your work is concerned. However, if an incident such as this does come about, you need to apologize to the person whom you have wronged. And there is no better way to apologize than in writing, as you will get a chance to organize your thoughts, and… Read More »

Apology Email for Not Coming to Work

If you have missed work without notice, then you must write a letter or email to your boss to apologize. If you don’t mind some personal advice, please try to notify the office with a brief text, a call even, as soon as the incident occurs, to make sure you cause the least inconvenience as… Read More »

Apology Letter to Boss for Not Following the Rules

Rules are there to protect us. They keep us from harm and ensure that we accomplish the best of ourselves. But still, rules are sometimes broken, whether by mistake or on purpose; though breaking them is always a mistake in itself. It is alright, to err is human. Mistakes happen everywhere, but it is essential… Read More »

Apology Letter to Police Officer for Bad Behavior

We all make mistakes in our life at, and it’s only human. Even if we are nice at heart, we sometimes behave in a manner which we often regret. If you have been rude or just shown any undesirable behavior towards an officer of the law, and wish to apologize, you’ve come to the right… Read More »

Apology Letter to Police Officer for Speeding

Being Human beings, we all tend to mess up at some point in our lives. Some mistakes; however, are worse than others. If you have been caught speeding and genuinely feel sorry for what you have done, then you’ve come to the right place! Even if you are a law-abiding and respecting citizen, sometimes the… Read More »

Sample Apology Letter for Disrespectful Behavior

Thanks to Shakespeare, inventor of new words, we are able to express an emotion as complex as contrition and guilt, wrapped in humiliation and self-deprecation, in three compelling words: I am sorry. Genius! The art of apologizing evolved from words said in defense against an accusation, to this! Easier said than done, though, is the… Read More »

Insubordination Apology Letter Sample

The act of apologizing; whether with the magical words of “I’m sorry,” or in deeds, and the act of forgiving, both stem from a human being’s need to belong, in a social circle, society, a tribe, and the office. And both are precious gifts that, if on the right lips, open hearts and strengthens bonds.… Read More »

Apology Letter to Teacher for Late Homework

It is only natural for someone to be late handing in a homework assignment. In fact, it can even happen to the best students. Things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes there can be an emergency or maybe you forgot. Anyhow, whatever caused you to submit your homework late; I am glad you took… Read More »

Accounting Error Apology Letter Sample

An accounting error happens when two numbers are inconsistent in financial documentation. Usually when this happens, the possibility of fraud is quickly assessed, however, it is usually a small mistake by the staff. After identifying the cause, then they proceed to inform all relevant personnel and clientele. This is something that can happen sometimes in… Read More »