Apology Letter for Stealing From a Store

By | November 10, 2016

Stealing is a bad habit – that is an established fact. And getting caught after stealing something from a store can land you in a great trouble. Advice – don’t do it! But we are sure you are not here for advice on whether to steal or not. More like, you are here to ask what to do if you have done something like stealing from a store.

Unless you suffer from kleptomania, you will not be excused for stealing something from a store, no matter how small the thing is. And even if you are a kleptomaniac, it might be an issue to prove it. The best thing to do is to apologize to the owner of the store so that there are no repercussions such as police involvement and possible jail time. Your best bet in such a situation is to make sure that you write an immediate apology letter and hope for the best!

Writing an apology letter is never easy, but it is necessary to write in some situations. An apologetic tone is what is required to write one – you have to say that you are sorry and make sure that you sound believable. Here is how to do this:


Apology Letter for Stealing From a Store


November 10, 2016

Mr. Terrence Flake
8273 Pike Avenue
Liberty Lake, WA 29383


Dear Mr. Flake:

I am mortified at the terrible deed that I committed at your store yesterday. While it may be difficult to believe me now, it was not my intention to bring any harm to your store or its employees. It was my lapse of good judgment brought on by my extreme circumstances that forced me into stealing from your store.

Please accept my genuine apologies for making such a terrible mistake. I had not foreseen the consequences of this action which should have been quite obvious to me before I committed it. I promise to return what I illegally picked up from your shop, and I request you not to call in the authorities. Please understand that shoplifting is not the norm for me – it was just one instance of bad judgment that led me to pick up an item that I had not paid for.

I ask for leniency in this regard, although you will be within your rights to involve the authorities if you feel that is what is needed. I apologize for my shameful act once again.




Mark Twain