Apology Letter to Boss for Stealing

By | December 6, 2014

Apology letters can be written for a multitude of reasons. One of these many reasons is stealing. Employees who may have done an unlawful act such as stealing will definitely be taken severe action against. But no one wants to get into trouble with the authorities and if an employee has indulged in nefarious activities, he may write an apology letter to his boss asking for pardon so that he does not end up going to prison.

While it is up to the employer if he wants to forgive the employee or not, an apology letter may do one thing for the employee – he may not be handed over to the police. This reason is enough for an employee to consider writing an apology letter to his boss. An apology letter for stealing an item or information from a company might ensure that no criminal action is taken against the employee which may come up in a background investigation later.

There is no standard manner in which you can write an apology letter; content of each letter will depend on what actually happened but you may take ideas from the sample below:


Sample Apology Letter to Boss for Stealing

December 6, 2014


Mr. Henry Gotham
Manager Finance
Penswood Financial Services
8 Austin Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 55112


Dear Mr. Gotham:

The unlawful embezzlement of petty cash – which you entrusted me with – has created an uncomfortable situation at work and I am extremely ashamed for that. I had no right to take the money especially when I was actually in a position of safeguarding it.

This misappropriation was inexcusable and immoral. My initial take on the situation was that I would reimburse the amount before the audit took place but due to a surprise audit, I was unable to do this. While it may not seem this way but my intentions were not wrong; I was going through a terrible financial crunch and could not think of another way out. I understand the repercussions that my actions will entail and I accept that I deserve it.

I have one request; I would appreciate it if you would not report this incident to the police. My track record has been clean until now and it would become very difficult for me to find work if this record is blemished. I apologize once again for the terrible deed that I have committed and promise to return the money taken as soon as possible.



Liam Neeson
Accounts Officer
Penswood Financial Services