Apology Letter to Customer for Mistake

By | November 2, 2016

Where customers are concerned, mistakes can have a terrible effect on how you run your business. A dissatisfied customers is a lost customer – that is the rule. And to make sure that you do not upset your customers, it is important to be trained properly and watch your every step when dealing with them.

But like they say – to err is human. Making mistakes is human nature. None of us is perfect and we do end up making mistakes that may seem small but might have a significant effect on our customers. If such a thing has happened, the customer in question deserves to receive an apology letter from you. What would you write? Simply apologizing and assuring the customer that you will make sure that such a mistake will not occur again is sufficient. However, you have to place your apology in words that will make an impact. Just saying sorry for my mistake won’t cut it.

Your apology letter will need to be short and to the point. There is no need for excuses. If you are writing on behalf of an employee – supervisors usually apologize on behalf of offending employees – here is a letter sample that you can follow:

Apology Letter to Customer for Mistake


Robert Rakes
Customer Service Manager
Rupert Works
4 565th Street
New York, NY 49032
Tel: (000) 333-3333

November 22, 2016

Mr. Jacob Yates
452 5th Street
New York, NY 55858


Dear Mr. Yates:

Please accept our sincerest apologies for mistakenly sending you an incorrect order. We assure you that this is not usually our level of service, as Rupert Works has an impeccable reputation as far as customer service and order accuracy is concerned.

We understand that the delay in sending you the correct order may cost you an immense amount of inconvenience and we are very sorry about that. If there is any way that we can make amends for this gaffe, please let us know. As I write this, your actual order is being shipped out to you and will reach you within the next 24 hours. I have made sure that your order is placed on priority without charging you the extra for double delivery of course!

As one of the leaders in the garment industry, our standards of service are exceptional and we intend to keep it that way. Once again, we apologize for this terrible mistake and vow that it will not transpire again.



Robert Rakes